From this standpoint, CATU is fully committed to supporting you in these Next, with a completely redesigned catalogue that focuses on our products, their. The new general catalogue CATU / is available and can be downloaded in the catalogue section. Enjoy your reading! The company ยท Solutions. From this standpoint, CATU is fully committed to supporting Next, with a completely redesigned catalogue that focuses on our products IEC

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Absence of an audible signal when there is no discrepancy between the two phases. No toxic smokes emission in case of short circuit.

Insulating platforms indoor models Top 50 x 50 cm. For use in dry conditions. Nominal intensity A. Loops “clip” automatic on shorts. Tensioning block 3 wheels. When this is not possible, the use of a device to an item of personal protective equipment against falls from a height is required, whether this is for the purposes cau retaining, support, saving, or protecting against falls from a height.


Reference mm g M x x 2 M x x 2 M x x 1 M M mm Dimensions g Weight Earthing connections Earth rods Connectors and earthing clip Earth resistance tester Earth rods Generality The rod is, in most cases, the most practical, effective and reliable earth connection means.

CL Checking a H.

Angled connector no undeceived. Safety instructions and safety first aid posters. Section mm2 50 Tool bag Separation which forms a tool tray. Feet with rubber tips.

CATU Electrical Safety Catalogue |

Adjusting the height position. Long Gloves Long composite gloves for insulating the hand and arm. Our company is entitled to modify at any time the characteristics of its equipment. Receiver cataloyue by 9 V lithium type 6LR61 battery. It can measure direct and alternating voltage, AC and DC, resistance, capacity, temperature, and it can test the diodes and open circuit sound. Round neckline with a hood.

New safety bayonet system. Installed from the ground on conductors up to Press the button to test the device and to reset its memory.

Once the parameters have been selected, press the orange button to begin the measurement. Clamp with tapped revolving rod end M8, A shunt.

CATU Electrical Safety Catalogue 2012-2013

C or K For other voltage range: Set of sticks Complete sets of sticks for common applications. Phase identification light unipolar. LV Live working tools Insulated tools 74 Tool sets 88 Jumper clamps, cables and accessories 91 Cover-up equipment 94 Insulating sticks 96 Cable identifier 97 Insulated Tools Find the tools to meet your needs!


M or XL order example: Right Connector no undeceived. Bags for insulating mats Specially designed for carrying and protecting insulating mats. Equipped with a shoulder strap. To be used with a harness.

Pair of insulating boots. Warning sign which may be supplemented by an AP card or an AP sticker, see below.

Wear plate placed on sole arm. Mittens Its fingerless gloves shape allowing to keep the maximum of dexterity. Forged steel climbers for round wooden poles NFS Hard forged steel. For more information, please contact our technical department. This equipment can be used for rigid deployed poles for easy installation.