A novel of finely articulated tragic power Little short of a work of genius.”— The New York Times Book Review Asher Lev. Potok, Chaim: Book My Name Is Asher Lev by C Potok revd by G Davenport. My Name is Asher Lev is a novel by Chaim Potok that was first published in See a complete list of the characters in My Name is Asher Lev and in-depth.

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Asher Lev is born into a strictly orthodox Hasidic Jewish community in Brooklyn in the s.

As he travels Europe he sees all the good his frequently absent father brought to many Jewish communities. You’re a Hasidic Jew. A few times, he tells his father that he “can’t control it”, meaning his art.

A tragically gripping, page turning work of total genius. Mar 11, Pages Buy. It brings him into particularly strong conflict with his father, a man who has devoted his life to serving their leader, the Rebbe, by traveling around the world bringing the teachings and practice of their sect to other Jews, and who is by nature incapable of understanding or appreciating art.

Italics imply a gap between the writer and the reader. At age 17 he made his first submission to the magazine The Atlantic Monthly. As it follows his struggle, My Name Is Asher Lev becomes a luminous portrait of the artist, by turns heartbreaking and exultant, a modern classic.


Chaim Potok is a brilliant author who refuses to write a page-turning book. Asher Lev’s pursuit of art is complicated by his upbringing and training to see Jewish perspectives on beauty. After receiving a master’s degree in English literature, Potok enlisted with the U. But in time his gift threatens to estrange him from that world and the parents he adores. Read it Forward Read it first.

As Jacob Kahn, his teacher throughout his teens, says, “Art is whether or not there is a scream in him wanting to get out in a special way. When Asher was a child the narrative is simple, as seen from a child’s perspective.

Want to Read saving…. The book does an excellent job of showing how religious beliefs are forced into the children. Already as a child he loves to draw; it’s more than a passion, it’s something he can’t control.

This book is about tension. Asher is a loner with artistic inclinations. I like the pacing of the piece, as it flows in a way that we get just enough of what we need to know about a particular event in Asher’s life and highlights of other periods of time within.

My Name Is Asher Lev – Wikipedia

Secondo le autrici di Curarsi con i libri: He became Asher’s mentor and taught him fundamental techniques that would influence and improve the overall progression of Asher’s artistic future. InPotok relocated to Jerusalem with his family. Hasidic Jews are one of the strictest kind of Jews and Asher’s parents mostly his father is super orthodox.


It shook my world. This book is part of my novel-cure-challenge and it should be read by people who are afraid of confrontations: Apr 09, I. Power to bring pleasure ashdr pain.

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My Name Is Asher Lev is an accomplishment in how it addresses the bridge between religion and art and how it should be perceived and accepted. Help in the classroom struggle.

Iz not sure why, but it was so extremely powerful. He discovers early that art and drawing is very important to him, which is generally shunned in his culture. I saw his triumphs, his struggles, the choices he had to make and the choices that were forced upon him. This book is without a doubt one of the most influential books i potlk ever read. With him, he learns to distinguish between working with true artistic integrity, and simply following the fashion, or doing what will sell.

The second time around was just as powerful for me. Quit trying so hard to mold him into a mini version of yourself.