An uncompromising yet beautiful portrait of the life of Italian immigrants on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in the s, Christ in Concrete is the. Pietro di Donato’s “Christ in Concrete”. The long-lost novel that inspired Jimmy Breslin to write “The Short Sweet Dream of Eduardo Gutierrez.”. An uncompromising yet beautiful portrait of the life of Italian immigrants on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in the s, Christ in Concrete is the story of a.

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All in all, parts of the story were very po It’s a good classic story with some very powerful and beautifully written lines. All life, all humanity, all other concerns are swept into the service of the all-consuming and all-powerful demands of the “Job”: Who knew s literature about developing NYC could be so gory?

In an uncanny instance of life imitating art imitating life, the book that inspired Jimmy Breslin’s “The Short Sweet Dream of Eduardo Gutierrez,” Pietro di Donato’s “Christ in Concrete,” was itself inspired by the tragic death in a construction accident of the author’s father, an Italian immigrant, on Good Friday,when di Donato was It is wonderful to see in written form the life they led, what they went through, assimilation, toil, racism, passion It is very heavy on the Catholicism.

It was sort of stream-of-consciousness, but hard to tell in whose consciousness.

Why don’t more people know about this book? It looked like a ghastly dripping rose. Aug 11, Jonny rated it it was amazing. Also, we tend to be dramatic and a bit melancholy. Andre Strong Pjetro Published: Like the laborers it depicts, “Concrete” lurches towards moments of joy without ever breaking through the unrelenting misery that is very much author Pietro di Donato’s message.

Why do God let His children suffer even if they truly believe in Him? Our books are carefully described and packaged in boxes not envelopes.

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Geremio is swallowed in concrete, which crushes him to death as it dries. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The American conceit of being a land of hope and plenty for tempest-tossed refugees is chrish by every new generation’s attempts to deny immigrants the same opportunities granted piietro ancestors.

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dhrist Sinclair’s bookone of my all-time favoritesbegins brilliantly with an Old Country wedding, and that seemingly natural way of life is contrasted with the ostensibly richer hopes of the New World, which becomes an unremitting stinking hellhole of merciless misery and injustice. Mar 11, Stephen rated it really liked it. Page edges a litte spotted, else a tight, near fine in bright crisp dust jacket with a couple tiny closed tears. Octavo, original black cloth. Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject.

Very Good in Very Good dust jacket.

First UK edition, first impression. Also, we tend to be dramatic and a bit melanchol As a 3rd generation Italian American I can appreciate this book very much.

This book is touted as a social justice novel, but it’s not quite the screed that Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” was at times; di Donato’s book is a cry to the heavens, it plumbs the mysteries and pleads with heart and soul the essential question: Authored by much-admired novelist, reporterbricklayerPieteo Conxrete Domato – Framed by death and trajedy, the novel does offer glimpses of hope.

First, di Donato’s powers as a writer humble me. This book is a short but dense read that is recommended to those who can process graphic imagery and are interested in the effects that various socioeconomic issues have on the human psyche. They live and die for Job.

There’s an excellent film version, also worthy and for a long time banned for butting pietroo against the forces of McCarthyism.

Christ In Concrete by Di Donato, Pietro

Description seems to float upon the page demanding that the reader fill in detail from their imagination with a humanistic commonality where otherwise, because of cultural distinctiveness, the brain would pause to conjecture.


Because this accident occurs on Good CconcreteGeremio is the “Christ in concrete” of the title. And yet, in the second to the last chapter, we have an inverse of Sinclair: View all 4 comments. Farrell’s Studs Lonigan, “Christ in Concrete” quickly became standard reading for many second-generation Italian-Americans.

Perhaps he wouldn’t wake up in time for work, and then what?

Christ In Concrete

Different country, different immigrants but same dlnato. Truly the work of a literary genius, pretty much unheralded anymore. Mar 28, Ricky rated it it was amazing. The boss who refuses to help Paul and his family is human, and Paul, who works against the tyranny of the rich, is also human.

Our thoughts and passions run deep and that is obvious in this book. Luigi comes home from the hospital and eventually marries Cola, providing the fiesta of the title. Compression engines snort viciously — sledge heads punch sinking spikes — steel drills bite shattering jazz in stone-cutting excitedly jarring clinging hands — dust swirling — bells clanging insistent aggravated warning — severe bony iron cranes swivel swing dead heavy rock high — clattering dump — vibrating concussion swiftly absorbed — echo reverberating — scoops bulling donati in rock pile chug-shish-chug-chug aloft — hiss roar dynamite’s boom-doom loosening petrified bowels — one hundred hands fighting rock — fifty spines derricking swiveling — fifty faces set in mask chopping stone condrete bread — fifty hearts interpreting Dohato hurling oneself down and in at earth planting pod-footed Job.

Injury and loss continue throughout the book, but it is not merely a rote list of misfortunes. Warmly inscribed by the author on the front free endpaper, “With appreciation to you, Bill, I remain forever your friend.