Paling en Ko (Mortadelo y Filemon) en Francisco Ibáñez. Mortadelo & Filemon # Comic Art, Comic Book, Comic Covers, Character Mortadelo y Filemon oficina, Comic español Cartoon Illustrations, Comic Art. “Mortadelo y Filemón” is a comic book by illustrator FRANCISCO IBÁÑEZ ( Barcelona). The first story of these sloppy detectives appeared.

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Just as often, however, he ends up as the one being chased by his underlings, as his frequently short-sighted assignments cause them no end of grief. He is very short-tempered and usually gets angry with Mort and Phil because they fail in their missions, leaving a mprtadelo mess – occasionally at the expense of his own possessions.

Mortadelo y Filemón (Comic Book) – TV Tropes

While I thought, he finished the pack and left. The ,ortadelo story of these sloppy detectives appeared in January When he makes a call, they must show up inmediately. The humoristic style is overloaded with slapstick, absurd gags, where characters emerge unscathed after subsequent explosions and blows.

The fat and vain secretary of Superintendente Vicente. Retrieved from ” https: While he, as the head of the organization, lives in splendor, indulging himself in expensive beverages and Cuban cigarshe keeps the T.

Hey, why don’t you put fikemon matter in hands of one of those “marriage counselors” and have them air their dirty laundry?

To make the tape useless, use the system X Unsourced material may be challenged morhadelo removed. Of course there aren’t Thank goodness I calculated the explosion for half an hour from now!


This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat He owns a variety of wild animals that he uses to coerce the pair, including tigers, crocodiles and he apparently has a soft spot for hippos.

The wife of Vicente also with an ever-changing face. She was the first female character created for the series. A small man with a rather oversized head, receding black hair and a small mirtadelo in a black suit. He usually insults Mort because Mort is quite clumsy, but is often at the receiving end of any mishaps which come their way, mostly in the shape of their outraged boss.

The two are totally incompetent and especially Mortadelo is prone to major goofs.

He is always put in as a comic relief character; although he wears glasses, they must either have the wrong prescription or are totally ineffective, because his eyesight is totally down. Who do you think hunted them all? Furthermore, the comic strips shifted from parodying Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson to later reference spy stories and finally incorporating references to current affairs.

In addition, the popularity of the comic strips series demanded translations to numerous languages in Europe, being especially embraced in Germany. You may leave whenever you want.

He only has two hairs on his head and wears a white shirt with a black bowtie and red trousers. Bacterio another character in the comic gave him a friction with an invention in order to preserve his hair and unluckily he ended up bald as a coot.

Save Earthmarking the 50th anniversary of the series. A water tap can sprout from a tree, two mice may be chatting, a vase can contain a foot or an eggplant, etc.

The giant agent of the T. However Mortadelo has a very exceptional capacity to dress up. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. His inventions, which are intended to assist Mort and Phil in their assignments, often fail quite spectacularly, mostly because they either achieve the opposite of what they are supposed to do, or work perfectly but fail at the most inconvenient moment. May my mustache fall if I find an even higher note of expenses!


Spanish comic books (1) Mortadelo y Filemón

He usually calls his agents by the strangest means, for instance, with a package that will selfdestroy after the message or by telephones hidden in clothing irons or messengers that come out from closets. Archived from the original on 20 May Your car was stolen with you inside it Mort and Phil are in love with her much to Ofelia’s chagrinbut she is not interested.

HumorPolitical satireSlapstickFarceAdventure. However, this basic setup is twisted, subverted and inverted enough for it to never get boring. When he was young, he used to have beautiful long hair, but Dr. He holds a grudge against Bacterio because he used to have lush hair until Bacterio offered him a supposed medicine against baldness, which actually made his hair fall out.

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