Guidelines regarding constitution / reconstitution of IAEC 48th Meeting of CPCSEA was held on 21st August, under the Chairmanship of Shri Hem. PDF | The effect of implementation of guidelines of the Committee for the Purpose of Control and The results showed that the implementation of CPCSEA guidelines in pharmacy institution . Mar ; J Indian Assoc Pediatr Surg. PDF | On Dec 29, , Pandey Govind and others published Guidelines of CPCSEA for conducting the experiment on animals.

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Another example is the use of fungi for studies of the metabolism of drugs.

Home :Committee for the Purpose of Control And Supervision of Experiments on Animals

The stakeholders need to provide timely information and also upgrade undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum in pharmacology, taking these facts into consideration. Guidelines for use guiedlines laboratory animals in medical colleges.

Simulated animal experiments in pharmacology. It seems likely that these alternative methods and models will eventually replace intact animal models in pharmacology education, either partially or completely. Rodents rats, mice and non-rodents rabbits are usually used in these toxicity studies. Chitosan films, a substitute for animal and human epidermal sheets are used for in vitro permeation of polar and non-polar drugs. Animal testing is bad science.

Invertebrates can be used to replace the more commonly used laboratory animals. Exercises in the form of graphs, tables obtained from various xpcsea experiments can be used to teach students.

Animal use in pharmacology education and research: The changing scenario

Table 3 Laws and regulations for use of experimental animals in India. These organisms have short life cycle and can be studied in large numbers, a distinct advantage over the vertebrates. Permission for conducting experiments involving use of animals. Nuffield council of bioethics. Replacing animal use in physiology and pharmacology teaching in selected universities in eastern Europe-charting a way forward. Teaching and learning resources, IndPharnet.


Replacement methods can be vuidelines replacements i. Number and types of animals used in experimentation About million animals ranging from cpcseaa fish giidelines non-human primates are used for experimentation every year. While experiments of vertebrates are regulated in most countries, those on invertebrates are not, and hence their accurate usage statistics are lacking.

Categorising the severity of scientific procedures on animals.

For example, within the European Union, the local lymph node assay LLNA is the preferred method for assessing skin sensitization potential, whereas guinea pig assays are still preferred in other regions of the world e.

New cell and tissue tests, computer models and other innovative methods can be used to replace existing animal tests. Poor reproducibility of Draize test in rabbits, poor extrapolation of safety of acetyl salicylic acid, citalopram dpcsea recombinant antibodies from animals to humans are other examples that validate this fact.

Ministry of social justice and empowerment notification, New Delhi, Medical Council of India. The government in U. Indian council of medical research, New Delhi. InJennifer Graham from California sued her gkidelines school for insisting that dissection was the only method they recognized for learning anatomy. Indian J Pharm Sci.

These are mechanistic models that aim to predict sensitization from mechanistic knowledge and empirical models that are aimed at predicting from a statistical perspective.

The monkeys had their eyes sewn shut and hence attracted a lot of ctiticism in Opportunities to avoid redundant testing and use alternative approaches.

The Developing utility of zebrafish models for cognitive enhancers.

The pharmacology of the drug unravelled during giidelines preclinical phase of drug development is a prerequisite to understand the potential efficacy and safety of a buidelines drug. Chemical administration can be done directly to fish water or by microinjection of small 214 of chemicals. These experimental animals are mostly obtained through breeders.

The most used invertebrate species are Drosophila melanogastera fruit fly and Caenorhabditis elegansa nematode worm. However, they have influenced new legislations aimed at controlling the use of experimental animals and are included in the Animal Scientific Procedures Act in the United Kingdom and several similar regulations, including the CPCSEA guidelines.


This preclinical safety and efficacy data is needed for submission to drug regulatory authorities before the permission for further studies in humans are granted.

These have been used and validated in large scale high throughput screens for various psychotropic drugs. I quite agree that it is justifiable for real investigations on physiology; but not for mere damnable and detestable curiosity.

Typical experiments included effect of drugs on rabbit intestine, rabbit eye, central nervous system, reproductive system, as also the frog heart and frog rectus. It is pertinent here to remember that ethics, whether involving humans or animals carries varying connotations to different people. These alternatives are more cost-effective and more reliable than traditional animal experimentation. Drug metabolism can also be studied in hydra, a eumetazoan diploblastic organism belonging to the phylum Cnidaria.

Animals have been used and are still permitted for screening for drugs, in bioassay and for preclinical testing including general and specific toxicity studies. The principles of weight of evidence validation of test methods and test strategies.

Animal use in pharmacology education and research: The changing scenario

More than a cosmetic change. They are commonly guidlines as models for human diseases in cardiology, endocrinology, bone and joint studies. In Silico Computer based The in silico methods include models of diabetes, asthma and drug absorption. It can predict drug interactions much before a drug is marketed. While we ponder on these alternatives and the apparent difficulty in their implementation, it is encouraging to know that similar initiatives have begun worldwide.