ctags – Unix, Linux Command Manual Pages (Manpages), Learning fundamentals of UNIX and Linux in simple and easy steps: A beginner’s tutorial containing. Vim + Ctags Tutorial Vim and Ctags – Andrew Stewart. Combining vim with ctags yields a powerful combination for working with large or unfamiliar codebases. Another useful plugin for C development is cscope Just as Ctags lets you jump to Just as ctags – you have to generate (and periodically update) the database.

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Although ctags has been designed to handle certain common cases, this is the single biggest cause of reported problems. Read additional options from file. You just re-invented upward search. This was the default format generated by the original ctags and is, therefore, retained as the default for this option.

Make Your Vim Smarter Using Ctrlp and Ctags

I think it would be nice if we can make a short piece, separating out the compatible ones. You might also consider setting your working directory to the current file.

I’ve found the taglist plug-in a must-have. While starting Vim, you can use the command line option ‘-t’ to supply a tag name. If the sort utility of the operating system is being used, it will generally observe this variable also.

This script is also available on github gist. Important If you are not on forkbomb or attumake sure that the system you are using has “Exuberant Ctags” installed, rather than the original “Ctags,” by running ctags –version.

Indicates the type, or kind, of tag. In addition, information on the scope of the tag definition may be available, with the key portion equal to some language-dependent construct name and its value the name declared for that construct in the program.


Navigate code like a pro with Ctags

To clear the mapping for a particular language thus inhibiting automatic generation of tags for that languagespecify an empty extension list e. Return to previous location before jump to tag not widely implemented.

All of the above and If appropriate support ctzgs available from the runtime library of cyags C compiler, then the file name pattern may contain the usual shell wildcards common on Unix be sure to quote the option parameter to protect the wildcards from being expanded by the shell before being passed to ctags.

The example above uses “CLASS” as a preprocessor macro which expands to something different for each platform. If any of these configuration files exist, each will be expected to contain a set of default options which are read in the order listed when ctags starts, but before the CTAGS environment variable is read or any command line options are read.

Note that all white space in this variable in considered a separator, making it impossible to pass an option parameter containing an embedded space. If kind-spec is omitted, it defaults to ” r,regex “. Vim and Ctags tips and tricks [closed] Ask Question.

It is possible to compile ftags to read an additional configuration file before any of those shown above, which will be indicated if the output produced by the –version option lists the “custom-conf” feature.

The replacement should expand for all matching lines to a non-empty string of characters, or a warning message will be reported.

Ctags Tutorial

Indeed, this is the best way of working around a number of problems caused by the presence of syntax-busting macros in source files see CAVEATSbelow. This option is specifically provided to handle special cases arising through the use of preprocessor macros.


Determines the type of EX command used to locate tags in the source file. No tag file is written and all options affecting tag file output will be ignored.

There are several ways to make Vim to jump to a tag directly, if there is only one tag match, otherwise present a list of tag matches. No qualified tags are generated for language objects inherited into a class.

If you get stuck, press C-g to cancel pending commands, and exit Emacs by pressing C-x C-c. Those known about at the time of this release are: Is there a workaround to make the Ctrl-] key not to be treated as the telnet escape character? The information contained in the output includes: This permits running ctags on all files in either a single directory e.

We expect answers to be supported by facts, references, or expertise, but this question will likely solicit debate, arguments, polling, or extended discussion. Ctrl-] Find the tag under the cursor. The command I am using most is C-] which jumps to the definition of the function under the cursor.

In addition, the special value auto indicates that the language should be automatically selected which effectively disables this option. These warnings can be ignored. You could do a little modification on this script.

You may see messages like “Warning: Change the format of the output tag file. This option is quite esoteric and is disabled by default. You can define which tag file is searched first: Note that file extensions are tested before file name patterns when inferring the language of xtags file.