A partial pulpotomy for traumatic exposures is also called a Cvek Pulpotomy. When a baby tooth or. Pulpotomy is the term for removal of the coronal pulp with the intent of maintaining .. The Cvek pulpotomy procedure involves the removal of contaminated pulp. The partial pulpotomy can offer a superb outcome for the treatment of complicated crown fractures of the young permanent tooth.

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The pulp of primary or deciduous teeth, which only have to survive until an adult teeth come in, and because they have a better blood supply, can sometimes be saved. There was no apparent periapical abnormality or alveolar bone fracture.

Puopotomy, sterile cotton pellets are used carefully with modest pressure to adapt the medicament to pklpotomy prepared cavity and to remove excess water from the paste. We report a case of complicated crown fracture who was treated with partial pulpotomy. They also reviewed the indications of partial pulpotomy in permanent teeth, which included teeth with no history of spontaneous pain or with acute minor pain that subsides with analgesics, absence of discomfort to percussion, no vestibular swelling and no mobility, normal radiographic appearance of periodontal attachment, pulp exposed during caries removal or subsequent to recent trauma, and finally, tissue that appears vital and bleeding from the pulp excision site that stops with isotonic saline irrigation within 2 minutes [ 7 ].

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. A pilpotomy pulpotomy or a non-vital pulpotomy can be carried out.

The key determinants of success are the extent of pulp damage and the length of time after exposure of the pulp to the oral environment [ 3 ]. It carburizes heat-denaturated pulp and bacterial contamination. Delay of treatment by 9 days or less may have minimal effect on the outcome of Pullpotomy pulpotomies. Last updated on Dec 18, The complete removal of blood clot, dentin pupotomy, and contaminants is mandatory for a good prognosis [ 2 ].


The partial pulpotomy can offer a superb outcome for the treatment of complicated crown fractures of the young permanent tooth. Articles needing additional references from January All articles needing additional references Articles needing cleanup from November All pages needing cleanup Cleanup tagged pulpotoky with a reason field from November Wikipedia pages needing cleanup from November Articles with incomplete citations from October All articles with incomplete citations.

Lately this status has been challenged by other techniques such as MTA and other materials. It should be noted that for the partial pulpotomy technique as described by Cvek, a dressing of calcium hydroxide paste Calasept, Scania Dental AB, Knivsta, Sweden was used as the pulp dressing [ 6 ]. Although the literature is not conclusive regarding a difference in the outcomes of Cvek pulpotomies in teeth with open or closed apices, it appears that teeth with open apices have a better prognosis.

Fong and Davis suggested care should be taken to avoid a significant blood clot developing between the wound surface and the dressing medicament. The process of removing the pulp from the chamber is the actual “pulpotomy”, though the word is often used for the entire process including placement of the medication. Two case reports of complicated permanent crown fractures treated with partial pulpotomies.

This was treated by partial pulpotomy with calcium hydroxide and assessed clinically through pulpal sensitivity tests and radiographically for periapical healing and continued root end closure.

The pulp was amputated to a depth of mm using a diamond bur on a high-speed turbine with water cooling [Fig. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. H eide S, Mjor IA. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Long-term follow-up of a complicated crown fracture treated by partial pulpotomy. In following article, a review of partial pulpotomy and management of case of a vital permanent maxillary incisor with complicated crown fracture and pulp exposure is discussed.

A good restoration that prevents bacterial penetration into the tooth is essential for the success cvdk a Cvek pulpotomy. The tooth was not mobile and gave a vital pulpal response on hot and cold pulp testing.


By raising the local pH environment, calcium pu,potomy possibly neutralizes osteoclastic activity and activates the molecules that mediate pulporomy repair, such as alkaline phosphatases and calcium-dependent ATP-ase.

There should be no radiographic signs of internal or external pulpogomy, abnormal canal calcification, or periapical radiolucency post-operatively. In primary teeth medicaments such as formocresol, mineral trioxide aggregatezinc oxide eugenol and calcium hydroxide can be used in pulpotomy. Conclusion We conclude that partial pulpotomy is an alternative technique that promotes pulp healing of vital crown-fractured permanent pulpotommy.

In cases where root formation is incomplete as during adolescent yearsa partial pulpotomy may keep radicular pulp vital long enough to allow the roots to develop fully. Search Google Scholar for.

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A partial pulpotomy for traumatic exposures is also called a Cvek Pulpotomy. If the soft tissue in the canals pilpotomy still healthy enough, a special medicated filling can be put into the chamber in an attempt to pulpotomj the remaining pulp in the canals alive.

The procedure is often used for traumatic injuries in children where the major aim of treatment is to preserve tooth vitality while providing a favorable environment for continued root development.

European Journal of Paediatric Dentistry. Guideline on management of acute dental trauma.

Cvek pulpotomy – revisited – Dental Trauma Guide

The tooth was then restored with composite [Fig. There we could simply order generic site. This review article represents a very informative reference when future pulp capping or pulpotomy materials are challenged against calcium pulpotlmy. Teeth with immature roots should show continued normal root development and apexogenesis [ 4 ]. Pulpal bleeding after removal of inflamed pulpal tissue must be controlled. Apicoectomy Endodontic retreatment Endodontic therapy Regenerative endodontics Internal bleaching Pulpotomy Pulp capping.