Daniel sees numbers as shapes, colours and textures and can perform Touching as well as fascinating, Born On A Blue Day explores what it’s like to be . Daniel Tammet has been working with scientists to understand the implications ‘You close BORN ON A BLUE DAY with a sense of profound. Daniel Tammet FRSA (born 31 January ) is an English essayist, novelist, poet, translator, and autistic savant. His memoir, Born on a Blue Day, about .

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Archived from the original on 15 November If I see a number I experience obrn particularly beautiful on a shop sign or a car license plate, there’s a shiver of excitement and pleasure. The process takes a matter of seconds and happens spontaneously. Aug 17, L rated it really liked it.

Born of a Blue Day –

The number 1, for example, is a brilliant and bright white, like someone shining a flashlight into my eyes. It has sold overcopies worldwide, and been translated into more than 20 languages. Then I feel safe and happy. What blke way to learn about autism than by reading a book by a person who has it?

Lists with This Book.

Born On a Blue Day

But in the aftermath of World War One, the dangerous and revolutionary actions of Kitty and other militant suffragettes were quickly hushed up and disowned by the previously proud movement, and the women who carried out these attacks were erased from our history. From the sex and spying scandals which contributed to Harold Macmillan’s resignation in and the subsequent fall of the Conservative government, to the fight against literary censorship through his defence of Lady Chatterley’s Lover and Fanny Hill, Hutchinson was involved in many of the great trials of the period.

All things considered it deserves 3 stars – I liked it. For example, I remember that the winning cyclist of each stage of the Tour de France wins a yellow jersey not green or red or bluebecause the word jersey is yellow to me.


Individuals with Asperger’s sybdrome cannot function well socially. How does the autism impinge on the relationship, beyond o practical things such as his inability to drive and his occasional outbursts when he is overwhelmed?

Bkue learned to concentrate on what the other person was saying. The plot thickened, when due to a complicated fusion of hormones, horrible family dynamics and a no-good boyfriend they hated, Jo ended up leaving home at However, any individual with Asperger’s is a complex product of both personality and the syndrome.

Daniel Tammet

One has the impression that Tammet’s life is littered with such victims of his pathology, even as his relatives and teachers bend over backwards to accommodate him. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The most engaging passages are where he discusses how he sees certain letters and words, how he learned Icelandic, how he memorized over 22, numbers of pi for a public recital, the ins and outs of his relationship, and when he meets Kim Peek on whom Dustin Hoffman’s Rain Man is based.

Asperger’s is considered to be on the autism spectrum.

Tammet gives this advice to parents of children suffering from epilepsy or autism: There is a certain detached air to Tammet’s prose, but his writing is extremely lucid and I found his unique perspective on the world both engaging and inspiring.

In a review of his book for The New York Timespsychologist Alexandra Horowitz described Foer’s speculation as among the book’s few “missteps”, questioning whether it would matter if Tammet had used such strategies or not. In his book Moonwalking with Einsteinscience journalist and former US Memory Champion Joshua Foer speculates that study of conventional mnemonic approaches has played a role in Tammet’s feats of memory.

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Kim has read more than 9, books altogether and can recall their entire content. My synesthesia also affects how I perceive words and language. I am glad I stuck with it though, because it is such an inspiring story about someone who has overcome such odds. It is, as promised, a glimpse into an “extraordinary mind,” but it’s not just all the things the author says about his experiences the time he recited the digits of pi for a record setting length, the time he first overcame significant fear to fly on a plane, when he become public speaker counseling others on the minds of savants there’s also the wa How interesting, this book works in a number of ways, and fails in a few others.

Now she’s considerably further along life’s inevitable bloody ‘journey’ – and she’s fucked up enough times to feel confident she has no wisdom to offer anyone. I am fortunate not to suffer from any of the most severe impairments that often come with abilities such as mine.

Three stars – which means I liked it. Retrieved 12 October Nov 23, Lydia LaPutka rated it really liked it. When I read “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time,” I recommended the book to a friend, saying, “It lets you know what it is like in the mind of an autistic kid.

Stephen and his friend Marcel embark upon their great adventure: I would love to say that it is a brilliant memoir, but to be honest, there were few points where it lived up to the dust jacket’s “triumphant and uplifting” description.