DARK TRIUMPH By Robin LaFevers Houghton Mifflin Books for Children Paperback: Hardcover: (Original. Sybella’s duty as Death’s assassin in 15th-century France forces her return home to the personal hell that she had finally escaped. Love and romance, history. An assassin with a will of steel fights her way through deadly palace deceptions, sickening sexual servitude and baffling assignments from her.

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Mar 04, Ari rated it it was amazing Shelves: So many times you will question lafrvers own sanity because Robin LaFevers doesn’t reveal everything outright.

Second book in His Fair Assassin series was something I picked up to read, expecting mediocre read compared to Grave Mercy. I loved this so much! Dark Triumph is a stunning sequel to Grave Mercy. Brendan My favorite of lafeverd series, though the other two are also excellent. Is it the act itself that brings me joy?

Sybella was such a complicated character. The love that develops between her and Beast provides a model of a healthy relationship built on mutual trust and robiin.

Each is then sent from the convent into the politics of late s Brittany where they find self confidence through love, purpose, and place in society. I had high expectations picking it up and I was not disappointed. And I love your last name.

We quickly learn that these two people have a lot in common.

Who says the “knight in shining armor” punny always has to be gorgeous. The only thing I don’t really care for is the political plot, as it doesn’t interest me. Now this is the book Grave Mercy was supposed to be. This is an outstanding book. They lafever deserve it.


DARK TRIUMPH by Robin LaFevers | Kirkus Reviews

While her faith in Mortmain wavers at times, her courage and strength never does, making her an inspiring character in the way that naive, dancing Ismae never lafdvers.

This is what an assassin’s story looks like: Dark Triumph is a little bit darker than Grave Mercy since Sybella is not exactly a happy person in comparison with Ismae. Plus, she was no defenseless creature, and I love that she dealt out some much needed kick-ass!! I don’t know if I’m more aware of it because I know the cities and the landscapes robun the story takes place here, but I was slighly disappointed by the lack of description of the background.

And, while this happened, Beast was captured and locked away. This book was so good. Trivia About Dark Triumph His So many times you will question your own sanity because Robin LaFevers doesn’t rev Second book in His Fair Assassin series was something I picked up to read, expecting mediocre read compared to Grave Mercy. I would recommend that this trilogy be read in order as it is a continuation of the overall story.

Can a wounded animal ever completely heal? Independence, once lost, cannot.

Tanja scared me with her 3. Also there is the brother, Julian whose mind was just as twisted by the monstrosity of a father that he had, if not quite a lot more. This book was dark, oh so dark at times.

Folks, it takes a long time to get the ball rolling on this plot line and it is wholly unnecessary. This was just fucking awesome, that’s all. Read it and see what I mean! He’s the one that could ever come closest to being able to truly understand her and loving her for who she undoubtedly is.


Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers Review

Is that some special trick of Saint Camulos? This type of novel is exactly why I read. He looks down at his enormous, scarred hands.

On the contrary, she knows where lie her strengths and how to use them to fulfill her quest – yet she is seeking approval and the growth of her character was fascinating to follow, realistic and gradual as it was. Lists with This Book. Overall though, Dark Triumph is a book that, as its title suggests, is far darker than its predecessor, but in a way that uses that darkness to create tobin incredibly compelling characters. The ending was sweet, lovely, and also funny.

His Fair Assassin 2. Anyway, you just can’t help but root for them, because to see the growth of their relationship makes you remember why it’s sometimes fucking great to insert a bit daek romance in a book. Which makes it that much better. The eark overlaps the lasts parts of Ismae’s story in Grav This was SO much better than the first book of the series.