Please Understand Me has ratings and reviews. Julia said: I I just finished reading a book called Please Understand Me by David Keirsey. It is about. The Keirsey Group publishes and distributes books and other related resources by David Keirsey and associates. The Please Understand Me® series, and other . During his time there, he published his theory in the book, Please Understand Me ® (), where he publicly introduced the Keirsey Temperament Sorter®.

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To believe so, really limits us. This book just has to be taken with a grain of salt.

Please Understand Me: Character and Temperament Types by David Keirsey

She likes making decisions nowI like mulling them over and procrastinating until the last possible second. I enjoyed learning uneerstand the temperaments in leading and in childhood, a great juxtaposition of how the temperaments display themselves throughout life.

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Decision Making dynamics plaese. The dated approach towards sexuality dxvid general came through so strongly in this section that I felt I gained almost nothing from reading it – not even a majority of it resonated with my own thoughts or logical analysis.

At least, I’m not. Refresh and try again. I have taught a course on personality types at work and have used the testing matrix in the front of the book to have course participants gain a better understanding of who they are. We were at dinner with one of his old-time friends and business partners.


Return to Book Page. I would recommend this book for people wanting to understand why people behave as they do. And social and practical skills don’t seem all that important to them, anyway. Talented Children and Adults: Back when I first took this exam, I used it in order to understand myself and how I approached the world.

It brought to mind astrology books where the sun determines your personality. My next goal is to pursue the earlier, Jungian analysis in formal textual detail, because I suspect I will find that much more useful and illuminating. Personality is one dimension of psychology that is both interesting and practical.

The two introverts are drained after hours of interaction and need time alone to get recharged. Was mind bending then.

Subsequent events tend to bear If I had an inferior mother, I would have been autistic by now, after all. I have always asked friends to take this test, because if they are honest with their answers, I would have an inkling as to how to deal with them.

Please Understand Me – Wikipedia

ENFJ here to say that this book is extraordinary. Myself being an INFP. On a personal level, I find these temperament types most applicable to work situations, and I wish all workplaces would offer this test to those who want to take it and then have a discussion about the results, particularly as I feel it encourages more understanding and acceptance among the different types.


The process is the thing – learning and growing comfortable with who you are. Mar 04, Be rated it it was amazing Shelves: Often they may see other types as “over-active discipline problems” or as “daydreaming underachievers”, depending on the child they are looking at.

Please Understand Me: Character and Temperament Types

My particular temperament INFJ is one of those who is naturally interested in this stuff, so there’s only so much I can say. I recall that the first time I took an MBTI exam was during in high school, where each of the personalities were divided into different fruits.

Because it’s from the s, this book tells rather than shows what characters are like, so when using it in writing, you have ynderstand imagine scenes with these characters.

As an extrovert, my adjustment would be to tame the socializing and leave the party at a decent hour. The most common type in education, the SJ comprises 38 percent of the general population plexse 56 percent of the teaching population Keirsey and Batespp. The teaching and learning sections were really interesting.