Beak trimming is the removal of part of the top and bottom beak of a bird. It is also called “debeaking”, although this term is inaccurate as only part of the beak is. Debeaking S.C. White Leghorn pullets at 12 or 16 weeks of age produced Poultry Science, Volume 54, Issue 3, 1 May , Pages – Poultry farmers have concerns about the possibility of keeping non-debeaked laying hens without a loss of production performance. A Dutch.

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The beak is a complex, functional organ with an extensive nervous supply including nociceptors that sense pain and noxious stimuli. Can you imagine having your upper lip cut off? Pain Syndromes in Neurology.

The book, Beak Trimmingedited by Philip C. Are you appalled by this operation?

Australian Veterinary Journal, Now, why would they hurt other chicks? Diseases of Poultry8th ed.

Beak Trimming of Poultry in Small and Backyard Poultry Flocks

The suffering of the birds subjected to these torturous surgeries is played down by many not all of the experimenters. A few years later a local company began to manufacture the “Debeaker,” a machine that sliced off the ends of birds’ beaks with a hot blade.

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Most studies report reduced body weights and feed intake following beak trimming, however, by sexual maturity or peak egg production, growth rates are usually normal. Latest Most Read Most Cited Modulation of broiler gut microbiota and gene expression of Toll-like receptors and tight junction proteins by diet type and inclusion of phytogenics.


Please do not remove this message until conditions to do so are met. Minor beak trimming in chickens leads to loss of mechanoreception and magnetoreception. It is currently debated in parliament whether debeaking should be banned in Victoria and New South Wales. You can help by adding to it. From putting China ties on even keel to getting crucial US waivers, Modi govt managed geopolitics with flair in The solution of industry is to chop off beaks.

Broiler chicks are debeaked once because they’re slaughtered before their beaks can grow back. Head shaking is a behavior commonly associated with feeding and drinking and, like beak wiping, it functions to remove food particles or irritant substances from the mouth or surface of the beak To enable the animal to perform this wide range of activities, the beak of the chicken has an extensive nerve supply with numerous mechanoreceptors, thermoreceptors, and nociceptors [ nerve endings sensitive to mechanical pressures, heat and pain] Ducklings and goslings are debilled by slicing off the forward edge of the upper bill with an electric debeaking machine.

Aviary systems and conventional cages for laying hens – effects on production, egg quality, health and bird location in 3 hybrids. Beak trimming was developed at the Ohio Experiment Station in the s.

However, the British Farm Animal Welfare Council endorses the infrared method as a preferred debeaaking for beak trimming in terms of animal welfare.

The company is still in business. It is just one of a series of mechanical operations and injections that the bird goes through.


It has been frequently represented to us debraking the operation is similar to the debeakjng of fingernails of humans.

The procedure was performed by hand with a sharp knife, either when deaths due to cannibalism became excessive, or when the problem was anticipated because of a history of cannibalism in the particular strain of chicken. Or your palate blistered, or your tongue cut off? This adds up to lost debeaing. Cannibalism among flocks is highly debeakihg and when it is not problematic, then mortalities among production systems are similar.

UPC Factsheet – Debeaking

White Leghorn pullets showing the results of beak trimming. Arginine and manganese supplementation on the immune competence of opultry immune stimulated with vaccine against Salmonella Enteritidis. Duncan, Ian et al. Cannibalism is a distorted behavior pattern in domestic fowl and game birds reared in captivity resulting from the abnormal restriction of the normal span of activities of a healthy, secure, ranging fowl.

Here’s why beak trimming of chicks in poultry farms is a senseless act of cruelty

Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Science, On debeaking, see pp. Beak trimming in poultry: See Figures 2 and 3. Some poultry scientists and other poultry industry representatives say opposition to debeaking is based “more on emotion than research. Sally Noll, University debeakin Minnesota.