ley del GESTION PUBLICA EFECTIVA Decreto del antitramites, como parte de las facultades de la ley del infracción o DECRETO NÚMERO DE HOJANo 74 Por el cual se dictan normas from SISTEMAS Interested in ley de ?. Slide 31 of 33 of Acción de nulidad decreto andesco. Published on Jan 11, 1 Comment; 2 Likes; Statistics Decreto antitramites.

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Fleeing from them, the saint had turbes at many places through which he passed, in order to deceive the sultan into believing him dead. The most impressive is the Dulbend Kad medrese. That was one of the reasons this mosque was known under the names Defterdar Ali and Emir Paa in the 19th century.

The entrance is on the southwestern side dd a height of 2. There he had a large collection of religious books and manuscripts. There are forty coffee shops. Konstantinovi Brothers, Bitola, Bitola; D.

Dimitrovski, Elaborat za kulturno-istoriskiot spomenik Zandan kule vo Bitola, Bitola The town has a Chief Judicial Representative Kad with akes salary.

Published on Apr View 58 Download 0. Blacksmiths shops surrounded it.

019 = 007-3 Patrimonium 2012 Robert Mihajlovski

The Zaviye mosque combined the traditional prayer settings ve one or more adjacent spaces for secular use. The town possessed forty-seven buildings covered by blue lead and a stoutly built covered market. Saw-tooth cornices topped the decorative friezes.

Another Ottoman monument in the town was connected with the Sufi orders activities. Necip Ahmed the Turkish name for prison was Hapsane.


LEY ANTITRAMITES by Juan Dominguez on Prezi

This mescid was located in the quarter of Oul Paa. 20112 few years ago the Islamic community started the renovation of the mosque building with the minaret, the mausoleum and the graveyard, which are surrounded with a stonewall.

Some tombstones are still visible on the western side of the mosque. The second name, Oak denotes tower as a center for spiritual activities. 212 local religious students Softa with their disheveled turbans, dexreto birds nests, lived as outlaws Eskya. The Arasta or covered streets contained different markets for spices, wine, flax, candles, jam, and craftsmen. Contrary to the Muslim custom in ordinary prayers the hands of the supplicants taking part in the appeal for rain extended their palms downwards or, it was believed the prayer had no effect.

The type of building was provincial and practical with a faade built in a combination of stone and brick. Fazli Paa renovated the mosque in It might be that the tekke was originally in the porch or in the mosque itself. The interior space is topped by a octagonal drum with dome on four deep-sitting pendentives, which are visible from outside. In the mining town of Kratovo such towers were commonly used to deposit monies or precious goods and metals.

The Hasan Baba mosque was visited by Hasluck and he noted: In Ahmed elebi the Imam of the Kck Sinan mescid, went on pilgrimage. Some donors contributed to the mosque complex: The most impressive building is the Covered market Bedesten with domes and iron gates in fact it looked much like a fortress.


The town is divided into twenty-one districts mahalle and its houses are built out antirtamites solid material and covered by tiles. In aban Halife was the Imam of the mescid.

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The Muslim Beys in Macedonia and Epirus built them for personal protection as was the case for those towers that are preserved in Skopje, Koani and Albania. The second name of the mosque was Aye Hatun after a lady who renovated and donated a pious endowmentTomovski, op.

This mosque may date to the sixteen century or before the year The town itself was well known for its numerous and excellent rhetoricians and orators. The simplicity is visible inside, with plaster-profiled squinches and mihrab niche. Tevfik,Kratka istorija bitoljskog vilajeta, Brastvo, vol. At the beginning of the eighteen-century the architectural activity was stagnant and mainly it was influenced by eclecticism of the styles from the capital city.

The upper parts of the building were built of coarse stone and covered by terracotta tiles. This type of mosque has some features of a mausoleum building.

Web viewThe Sephardic Community.

According to the local Imam Mr.