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Memory presets are indexed in hexadecimal. Now you must use only the jog dial to keep the receiver in this mode; to resume normal operation, type degfn new frequency on the keypad. I think some people make far too big of a deal about these features. The DE certainly sounds nicer through the built-in speaker than the Sony, deggen the Sonys are much better built, have a pretty good implementation of selectable-sideband synchronous detection and last much longer than these Chinese made radios in my experience.

This is a minor irritation, particularly if you want to tune the Amateur 10MHz band. Automatic orange illumination of the display and all front buttons, if set on. On the right side of the receiver there’s the multi-purpose jog dial, which is used for manual tuning, to set the volume, clock, battery charging hours, memory presets etc.

Yes, this radio was a big leap forward in terms of performance per dollar, but after a year or so of very occasional use, the encoder started playing up. But it is when connected to an external antenna the DE’s performance is much better compared to SWG’s. It helps me a lot to spend those tedious hours between airports and inside hotel rooms! There is also a line-out jack so that you can record easily from the radio or plug into your PC sound card to decode Morse code and other digital modes using free software such as Multipsk.


Synthesizer spurious and audio not very clear The radio has a built in battery recharger which will be very handy but I’ve yet to use it. I got my Degen DSP. Thanks For the review.

I would have jumped on this deal had I not seen this review. The KA is one hot receiver, with great receive capabilities. He decided that he would sell this DE and gave me first dibs, so I bit the bullet. Our advertisers are by invite only and are only radio related–no junk ads here! Another thing is, it has a rattle inside.

It shouldn’t get the dde1103 five point because it has its flaws but at this price you realy cannot complain. Thanks for the review, Thomas.

The New Degen DE DSP: First impressions & review | The SWLing Post

But for weak stations specially those whose signal is not steady, it is annoying. As for as sensitivity, selectivity, spurious and image rejection, the DE exceeds a great deal. I would still recommend buying this radio if you want one great receiver at a great price. Also, RP-M62’s AGC is not as agressive as is on more modern models, and dr1103 some cases it keeps noise floor very low and increases audio quality immensely.

I own the kaito ka and I agree with you about the performance.

But I think its the low noise floor of this receiver that really makes this receiver shine. The receiver needs a long wave and medium wave boost.

At null beat the BFO seems to quit for a second. If it weren’t for lack of protection in the front end I would have given it a 4. Sensitivity is not everything Radio works perfectly otherwise and can be tuned by direct frequency entry. I often listen at night XYL permitting and the light works well, switching on when a button is pressed or the tune dial turned, then switching off after approx.


I’ve had mine for probably 8 years or more. Update your browser to view this website correctly. I look forward to the swl postings all the time.


Although more expensive, the DE has some advantages against the lower priced Tecsun PL which is another option for me at the moment. I really appreciate it. I think if I go to local instead of DX mode I will not have am bleeding in sw mode I would appreciate your response. I tuned around the mediumwave band and picked up all of the local benchmark degem.

The New Degen DE1103 DSP: First impressions & review

On arrival I was surprised at just how small this radio is, truly portable. But now tuning and volume are not possible with the jog wheel. I did find that the audio quality from music stations on AM was not as good as I would have liked for relaxed listening. Great radio, replaced my old beat to hell grundig G8 that just fell apart. I disliked its ergonomics, but it was quite an effective radio for the price. Memories store the frequency and mode.

It works fine when the signal is steady and above the threshold that engages it. Should I wait for an improved DE? I had this experience a while ago when testing a cheap portable shortwave receiver bought at a local super market: Post he volume is much louder than my tecsun pl and my Eton satillit radios Ipurchased 2 kaito ka radios I love them that much.

I only use the DX connected to an external antenna, and to my surprise DE’s performance is way better, with lower floor noise and better sensitivity.