Artzmania Magazine – Graffiti Issues (интерактивный журнал). Home · Artzmania Magazine – Graffiti Issues (интерактивный журнал). i’m a contributing artist in this months’ artzmania magazine. cutting edge designs. Large number of pages but with a keen interest in art show many new designers. Soource:

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If you have been living under a rock recently and haven’t heard of Vektorika Magazine, here is a brief description: Vectorika is a really cool and popular vector art and illustration magazine, the magazines is filled with vector illustration, character design, graphic design, art, and everything you could possibly ecpect from vector design.

Castle-Magazine contains the work of illustrators, artists and other creatives.

It is released quaterly and each issue deals with a unique topic from the community. Bak is a magazine aimed towards design and the visual arts. The result is a unique magazine with great artworks, handwritten answers and awesome doodles.

Artzmania Issue x5 « The Yellow Dino

View Be Differents Archives. Every free issue is full of weird, creative and high quality arty stuff.

descaegar CANDY magazine was launched in to showcase Irish creativity alongside international equivalents to a worldwide audience.

Destructed is a free downloadable Art and Design Magzine in.


They showcase all styles of visual media, including: It is widely recognized as one of the most successful and popular free e-zine on the web. Ruby descqrgar an online mag created with the purpose of putting together differnet artists in a monthly pdf magazine in order to promote their work in order to promote their work to the rest of the world.

True Eye — True Digital.

Artzmania Magazine – Graffiti Issues (интерактивный журнал)

This a new magazine that shows a lot of promise. Be Different was founded in Octoberand is an online magazine that focuses on contemporary art in all its forms: Proteus Mag encourage all photographers, painters, sculptors, graphic designers, drscargar designers, illustrators, basically, all creative types to submit there work and showcases the best on the magazine.

For this 5th issue of GizMag, all the artists took the time to fill in their interview by hand. Some are in PDF format and others are in Flash, and they all contain interviews, insightful design tips and lots and lots of inspirational showcases. Dealing With Creative Block October 8, Since then 11 downloadable pdf format issues have been released to local and international acclaim.

To date, there are 14 issues for download, with artists profiled from all over Europe. Jetpac magazine is a cool free pdf culture magazine, featuring photography, illustration, design, comedy, poetry, interviews, reviews… basically all that is good with the world. And I Still Miss You…. Etel Magazine is a quarterly independent art and design magazine, it showcases Mexican design, without living aside its influences, that for, it presents design desccargar and other disciplines, also considering what it is done in arrtzmania rest of the world.


And all of these are bundled up into several creative and free e-magazines. Artzmania is an independent venture showcasing outstanding international creativity and culture. The aim of Artzmanoa Magazine is to showcase outstanding visual content as an online magazine and also through future exhibitions the world over.

Artzmania Magazine – Graffiti Issues (интерактивный журнал) – PDF Free Download

It is a place where all creatives can flex their creative muscles. In this post you will find some great examples of digital art, like illustration, vector art, street art, typography and advertising to the more traditional arts of painting, sculpture and photography.

View Ruby Magazine in Flash Format. By Artzmahia Andrew Speckyboy.