36 quotes from Diary of a Drug Fiend: ‘Having to talk destroys the symphony of silence.’. It’s not quite as much fun to write a review when it seems everyone is basically in agreement. Crowley was not as evil as folklore suggests, and he was a lot more. Diary of a Drug Fiend and Other Works by Aleister Crowley [Aleister Crowley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. If you are interested in the.

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On a settee covered with leopard skins lay one diry the strangest women I had ever seen. And there was Lou standing right opposite, and I recognised instinctively, by sympathy, that she was just in the same place. The earl came up to the table next to mine, and stopped deliberately short. Thank goodness they don’t use due dates!

Diary of a Drug Fiend and Other Works by Aleister Crowley

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It seems to me as if it were merely an elaborate series of obstacles to doing things sensibly.

An uplifting and inspiring work of literary genius. It was part of the day’s work.


Diary of a Drug Fiend

Diary of a Drug Fiend encapsulates much of Diaru core philosophy concerning Thelema and his conception of True Will. Here, for example, is a midnight invocation recited by King Lamus, the Big Lion.

Yes, as one gets into the full swing of cocaine, one loses all consciousness of the bumpy character of this funny old oblate spheroid. I don’t know what the law is ; nobody in England knows what the law is—not even the fools that make the laws. I was incomparably better than I had ever been before. They move diaru the Pendragons’ country estate to a room in a slum druf on Greek Street. The German Jew got up at once— nobody else stirred.

The earth dropped from beneath us like a stone into blind nothingness. Her husband was an influential Member of Parliament. Dixry own experiments with magick and quitting heroin do not go as well, and in a moment of frustration he shoots od in the chest. It isn’t, for the most part’ on the contrary, it’s a mechanical dodge of the body to relieve oneself of the strain of thinking, just as exercising the muscles helps the body to become temporarily unconscious of its weight, its pain, its weariness, and the foreknowledge of its doom.

Druy my third term he had become head prefect; he had won a scholarship at Oxford—one of the best things going. I cared for nothing.


Diary of a Drug Fiend and Other Works by Aleister Crowley : Aleister Crowley :

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The entrancing boldness of her gesture started me screaming inwardly. Because her True Will is to be a good wife to Peter. Damn it, how dared it!

And yet, this excitement is singularly calm and profound. Before I started heroin, year followed year, and nothing worth while happened. Somehow or other I felt nauseated ; I was uneasy, Over the Top! My mind was immediately troubled.

The whole of the woman’s vitality was directed to some secret interior shrine of her own soul. The old man had really lost his temper.

I thought of a child playing with dolls. But the chorus always came back to the same thing. The only thing to be done was to shut off, and volplane down to the straits. I had no idea at the time that this sudden revulsion of feeling was due to a mysterious premonition of the physiological effects of heroin in destroying love.

Written in the roaring 20’s.