Dungeon issue 18 was released in July/August of It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms: A curse leads to a statue and places. Dungeon Magazine Issue #18 July/August [Barbara G. Young] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Dungeon Magazine #18 – Cover Art. Image ~ April 13, March 27, ~ Christopher Smith. Advertisements.

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Some of them are extremely good, rivalling some of the published modules out there. After the entrance rooms four or so the things turns in to your typical Dungeon Magazine suckfest. Be nice, put up with it and flatter it and offer it gifts and get off free. Go with “Into the fire” from issue 1 first.

Flame is the red dragon from the first cover and major adventure in the first Dungeon Magazine, 1. A decent amount of the page text is given over to goblin hit-and-run tactics and several of the rooms have a third dimension to them.

The designer wants to run a low-level dungeon crawl for high level parties so he has to put in all this gimp shit to force things to happen the way he wants them to. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Everyone who stays n the area more than 30 minutes get shrunken down. The scene dugeon alive in your mind and you start to fill in detail yourself.


The party is sent in to deal with the puny goblins. This is a short adventure with too much text to do what it tries to do, as was the style at the time.

Dungeon Magazine #18 – Cover Art

A great statue marks the entrance, with a stone slab to be shoved aside. Grant and David Boucher Description: Also very worthy of note: Magazinr gnomes are mining gemstones on the lake floor with a diving bell, the pike recently showed up and the group is hired to get rid of it. This is a tactical adventure, and little else. The characters travel to the Forbidden Mountain in search of treasure.

A hidden staircase carved in to a table leg. Proudly maazine by WordPress. In spite of a large amount of text the gnomes and their village are not really described in any meaningful way. The party goes in only to find the magicks of the forest working against them and they find themselves being the hunted … by goblins.


Dungeon Magazine #17

The map has some interesting elements but it is essentially linear. Have you been reading the letters column? The descriptions appeal to all of that deep down buried memory in your mind and dredges it up. Magic items should communicate wonder and mystery, not be a victorian-era listing of predictably catalogued powers.

The big Ah Ha! The NPC monster-brother who guides the party potentially also has some great parts. Grant Boucher and William K.

Dragonsfoot • View topic – Dungeon Magazine

January 4, at 9: I like OA adventures. This is one of those great talking animal encounters straight out of folklore. Healing potions that make you glow blue.

I’ll add that David Bowery’s Elephant’s Graveyard stuff was all good and evocative. The fact that they are short and space limited makes it more absurd for writers to spend time explaining reasons behind things and ways to force the players on the adventure.