Oct 4, I have heard many Nihangs say that Dusht Daman(Guru Gobind Singh jee’s previous life) were a Rishi but it is not correct Guru jee were a. place hemkunt refers to Dusht Daman jee. Guru gobind singh Ji mentions this place in his composition Bachittar Natak. But it was not until the twentieth century . Let us now briefly examine the veracity of this story [of Dusht Daman]. In order to help the gods in the Satyug, the Aad Shakti (Durga) was tired after killing ten.

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One wonders that Kala Afghana, Gurtej Singh and other IOSS zealots how shamelessly and dare devilishly not realizing their own insignificance, they not only challenge the corerectness of the text, but also mock and ridicule at every bit of the Divine Writings?

By then she had twin sons, Nakula and Sahadeva. They had the spiritual Kamaee but just needed Amrit and became Mukt. The discoverer became happy and looked around the place once again, when he turned back to ask the old man more questions, the old man had disappeared. The child became known as Bhishma.

There are first five verses in Chapter 6 of Bichitar Natak, to be discussed below, which are of metaphorical and symbolic nature, and cannot be translated casually and literally.

The king ‘Paandu’ ‘kamaava’ earned or gained ‘Yog’ there.

Register a new account. Have I found the Sadh Sangat? An island like a mountain submerged in the sea. Pandu then became an ascetic and disciple of the Sidhas, who resided in the forests.

King Pandu was very much shocked and dejected. Generally they find such a place, which should be in the jungle, vegetation bearing produce to live on, and also near some source of water supply for their daily use to sustain damsn generally we find ascetic abodes near a stream or river.


Rishi Dusht Daman | Sikhism | Pinterest | Guru gobind singh, God and Golden temple

When he came into this world, he did not forget why he was sent. Finally, Nek, this attitude you damaj of disregarding everything except the Adi Guru Granth is a fine example of what is happening to Sikhs today -anything in our lineage, heritage or otherwise that doesn’t comply with the ‘Sikhi made Simple’ ideals propagated over the past years doesn’t deserve consideration The Guru states that he was in deep meditations in love of the Divine, when he saw the light dushf the day in Patna City.

Actually the stag was not a deer but the son of a great Rishi, who had been enjoying his wife in the form of a deer. There is mountain called ‘Hem Kunt’ a cave surrounded by icewhich has seven conspicuous peaks in the area of the garden of Sapat Sring. Posted October dusjt, Do you not feel there is a parallel between his life and Guru Teg Bahadur ji’s early life Pandu wanted to accompany them with his wives but the Rishis said: Ab main apni katha bakhaano.

It clearly says that those ‘Sapt shring’ are named as ‘Sapt shring’, means those seven peaks are known as ‘Sapt shring’.

Dusht Daman -Sri Hemkunt Sahib

Those who flee from their hoomes to live in forests or climb high mountains to live in isolated caves, gain nothing and become perverted. I read an article in which the author says that the title of ‘Dusht Daman’ is wrong for Guru Gobind Singh Ji, because this was a superhuman created from the lion’s skin mat on which a Brahim hermit was meditating.


There is the dialogue of the God from stanza 6 to Mahabhartta largely is a classical world famous book of Mythology, description eaman which is for the scholars to unfold in plain words. I cant solve his doubt, but all i can see all the mahapursh accept hemkunt event Dusht Daman story to be true and real. You should have waited until the act was completed.

Vidura married the daughter of king Devaha, born of a Sudra low caste wife of the king. He gave example of unseen roo which would drum to indicate different times of the day i gurdwara and people asked him about it and he said it was one of those souls waiting. Register a new account. Vichitravirya in turn married the two daughters of king of Kasi, who were named Amvika and Duxht. For this sin I curse you. Her father, a fisher-man, laid down the condition that the king could only marry her dxman any child of this marriage succeeded as eusht king.

Raja Pandu was not a saint, who meditated on God in these mountaneous area. My father and mother also, worshipped God and strove hard to remember Him.

The word ‘Hemkunt’ has been used in the first stanza. The dictionary meaning of ‘asceticism’ is: If someone is already there in a womb, then what is the need to say him to take birth?