Nine Princes in Amber (English). 0 references. series · The Chronicles of Amber. 1 reference. imported from . edit. plwikiquote Dziewięciu książąt Amberu. Zesłany do Cieni poprzez czas i przestrzeń bohater budzi się pewnego dnia w szpitalu na Ziemi. Nie pamięta własnej (ISBN). Zostało jeszcze trochę klasyki, którą przydało by się poznać. Na wakacje zaplanowałem sobie Kroniki Amberu. Nie wiem jeszcze czy zapoznam się z całą serią.

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Dziewieciu Ksiazat Amberu – PDF Free Download

Corwin is determined to usurp his brother’s rule and sets about building an army. But the royal family is torn apart by jealousies and suspicion; the disappearance of the patriarch Oberon has intensified the internal conflict by leaving the throne apparently for grabs; and amnesia has robbed Corwin, Crown Prince Amber is the one real world, casting infinite reflections of itself – shadow worlds, which can be manipulated by those of royal Amberite blood.

I might be a little bit too critical of these books, but color me unimpressed. I put that away before the last two books. But while that might seem promising, he also quickly finds himself re-embroiled in a deadly, centuries-long battle among his siblings, who have split into factions pursuing the throne in Amber, vacant since their father disappeared.

At me they threw nets and unleashed blunted arrows. While the extensive family opens up the possibility for manifold machinations and schemes, few of the characters feel developed in the slightest. Once I got going with the story and started getting tantalizing pieces about the story behind the story, I was hooked. Initially, his sisters and the other women who vaguely show up are considered little more than useless fools. Will Amber be destroyed by the forces of Chaos?


A lot of the writing was dedicated to describe the travelling around with hardly any conversations, which is probably one reason I found it hardgoing. It starts with Corey not remembering anything.

Roger Zelazny

There are not longwinded conversations or side characters. And Zelazny has done it brilliantly. The main narrator is Corwin yes, it is first person, but don’t worry, the writing is a masterful combination of beauty and down-to-earth jokes and grumblings. It’s original, creative and kind of funny. Great power always ammberu dangerous enough to give everyone second thoughts. There is no period of scene setting in which the characters are established.

He parried this and kicked a small stool between us. Another of Corwin’s family is murdered, Brand is rescued, and more of what actually happened to Corwin prior to the first book is revealed.

There is the badass Benedict, strong and dumb Gerard, the hilarious Random, and plenty of others. However, he isn’t the only one assaulting Amber It ambedu more than the sum of its parts.

The machinations of Corwin’s family are the driving force of the story and we get to watch as Corwin peels away ksaizat after lair. From there the book introduces its setting, one where there is a central universe and numerous others that are mere shadows cast by that one- our universe being On the plus side The Chronicles of Amber has an interesting universe and an epic scope, but on the other hand Zelazny’s unimpressive writing and inability to breathe life into that universe means that the series becomes a slog.

As a Prince of Amber, Corwin has the power to create whole new worlds out of shadow, so he literally makes things up as he goes along.

The Chronicles of Amber is Zelazny’s finest fantasy, a grand imaginative vision of alternate worlds, magic, swordplay, and murderous rivalries. Jan 17, Cassandra rated it really liked it Shelves: Wszak dzirwieciu klasyka literatury fantastycznej.


Nine Princes in Amber is really good, especially considering all of the background Zelazny manages to cram into less than pages. He has a unique voice and some of his descriptions were incredibly original.

I’m glad dziewieeciu got to see a few more members of the family. The first book of the series, Nine Princes in Amber, was brilliantly done. Graced with the ability to walk through Shadow – essentially all of the worlds that make up Amber’s myriad reflections across time and space – he is nearly immortal and possesses power beyond that of normal men. I’d say that the books the story is plot driven, but I don’t want to mislead. Mar 03, Anna rated it it was ok.

Ddziewieciu am the soul of honor, kindness, mercy and goodness. Alliances are made and broken at a fast pace.

The Chronicles of Amber

And it turned out that some of the “evil” things done ksiazar him were not so evil after all. The story being written in first person he was of course a hero to himself and his enemies were wrong all the time in the first book.

Pretty sure I missed my stop on the tube due to reading. The twists are unexpected and the machinations of the nine princes of Amber are fairly reallistic. I work on those parts down here. The book actually begins well. They backstab, deal, threaten, switch sides a hundred times, and all can walk through shadows to whatever realm they wish.

None, I say, and all.