Clay Tablets of Ebla. The Ebla (now Tel Mardikh) excavations carried out in northern Syria, 60 km. south of Aleppo, under the archaeological control of the. “People who are looking to the Ebla tablets for proof of the authenticity of the Bible are going to be AP; Picture 2, A clay tablet from Ebla. M.Ö. ‘lü yıllardan kalma Ebla Tabletleri, dinler tarihi açısından çok önemli bilgileri günümüze kadar taşımaktadır. Arkeologlar tarafından bulundukları

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Sumerianand a previously unknown language that used the Sumerian cuneiform script Sumerian logograms or ” Sumerograms ” as a phonetic representation of the tablftleri spoken Ebla language. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. There are different theories regarding the location of Mount Sinai.

There is an extensive area of overlapping information between the Ebla tablets and Biblical text. Tabletlrei History of tagletleri Alphabet: Cities of the Biblical World: The Secrets of the Kabbalists Garden.

International Dictionary of Historic Places. University of Texas Press. Moreover, these clay tablets provide some key evidence for controversial biblical accounts. Religion and Ideology in Assyria. Westenholz, Joan Goodnick The findings in ancient Ebla included about intact cuneiform clay tablet and thousands of other pieces and fragments of different sizes and shapes. Supplements to Vetus Testamentum.

Ebla – Wikipedia

The archives of Ebla: Register to become part of our active community, get updates, receive a monthly newsletter, and enjoy the benefits and rewards of our member point system OR just post your eblz below as a Guest. Not to be confused with ElbeElbaor Ablah. There are elaborations as to the penalties incurred when a person is injured, and there are details about various trials.


In Spaeth, Barbette Stanley. Energy and mineral resources Petroleum industry Telecommunications Transport Water supply and sanitation.

In the team uncovered a statue of Ibbit-Lim, King of Ebla, which included an Akkadian Eastern Semitic tabletlefi inscription detailing Ibbit-Lim bringing an offering to the goddess Ishtar. Outline Index Book Category Portal. The texts of the library, which dated to about BC, included about 2, complete tablets ranging in size from 1″ to over a foot, 4, fragments and over 10, chips and small fragments, making this the largest library ever discovered from the 3rd Millennium BC.

Translated by Pitina, Svetlana; Prudovsky, P. Archaeological Thought in America. The principle god twbletleri Ebla was Dagan and is referred to in the Eblaite texts as “Lord of Canaan,” “Lord of the land” and “Lord of the gods.

Altogether, the Ebla clay tablets are of great cultural relevance because they give us information reflecting trading interests, commercial activities, diplomatic and foreign relations, the economy tabletelri the city, domestic affairs, and cultural matters. More information about text formats.

In Fagan, Brian M. Found in situ on tabletledi shelves, the tablets retained many of their contemporary clay tags, by which they could be referenced by original users.

Proceedings of the International Symposium Beirut Gurney, Oliver Robert With the discovery of the statue, it was suspected that this may be ebka elusive Ebla.


The only tablets at Ebla that were written exclusively in Sumerian are lexical listsprobably for use in training scribes.

Ebla Tabletleri’ndeki Esrarengiz Sırlar | ISLAND | Pinterest | Ancient near east, Syria and History

Eblaite uses many of the same letters as Hebrew for prefixes and suffixes to words. Then in the years through the Royal Library was discovered and these revealed that this was in fact the city of Ebla. On the Occasion of His 65th Birthday. Public DomainA clay tablet found in Ebla, Syria. The first kingdom at its greatest extent, including vassals. Kipfer, Barbara Ann The New York Times.

The translation of “superintendent” for this Hebrew worddoes in fact relate to fbla root barak in the sense of bowing the knee before one in authority, the “superintendent. Kish civilizationAmorite.

Ebla tablets

Mallory, James Patrick, ed. Retrieved from ” https: Tonietti, Maria Vittoria Hebrew Names in the Ebla tablets Many other names, some thought to have been late in origin, that are found in the Hebrew Bible are also found in the Archives of Ebla including.

Sabottka, Zephaniaha work which attempts to apply Ugaritic data to the text of the prophet which bristles with difficulties, F. Otto, Adelheid; Biga, Maria Giovanna