The Cognitive style of PowerPoint by Edward Tufte. Żaklina Sochacka. 2/20 cognitive adjective formal related to the process of knowing, understanding, and. Edward R. Tufte. The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint: Pitching Out Corrupts Within. Следующий Слайд. [NEXT SLIDE, PLEASE). ANFAli FulhL HET. FOR RE-. Trevor Murphy, Research based methods for using powerpoint, animation, and video for instruction, Proceedings of the 32nd annual ACM SIGUCCS fall.

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Petty hubris on the part of the author, and a lack of acknowledgment of the proper role of presentation software. Early in the 21st century, several hundred million copies of Microsoft PowerPoint were turning out trillions of slides each year.

Presentation software is no replacement for more technical forms of documentation and prose when making decisions. Tufte makes some good points about how blind use of a pre-set template or format can unfortunately constrain our ability to think about things, especially detailed technical issues.

Sharing the book is also, I hope, adequate penance for my many pre-Tufte PowerPoint presentations. He then goes though a number of books on how to use PowerPoint and finds that overall the average of data items used on their slides is And also to replace serious analysis with chartjunk, over-produced layouts, cheerleader logotypes and branding, and corny clip art.

After reading this, I have to wonder why PowerPoint is used so often as seen as so essential for librarians and in other fields. I know other reviewers thought that Tufte rants too much in this text, but I found his insights valuable, especially with regard to the way presentations are altered by the use of powerpoint due to evidence becoming less prominent.


All I could think of was when I was forced to go to a speech not a presentation where the vegan dude presenting and the person doing the hand-signaling eventually gave up kf just signed, “Meat is bad. Read this before you build your next presentation. If you edwzrd a Tufte fan and have high hopes for this short booklet, you may be disappointed. Instead This was a much more engaging read than I expected it to be. Having pretty much no information on Burkina Faso going in, I foun Back in a classroom after 17 years, I felt awkward and inept concerning cognitve ignorance of PowerPoint.

These costs result from the cognitive style characteristic of the standard default PP presentation: Although the evidence did not truly suggest the shuttle would be fine, the takeaway from reading the PowerPoints was that everything would be OK.

Presentations are Corrupting per Edward Tufte’s “The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint”

The result is poor decision making. For years, I thought it was just me that I could not get past the superficial way data was portrayed on Powerpoint PP.

Your email address will not be published. He makes this claim on the basis of the limitations of the presentation format itself.

The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint: Pitching Out Corrupts Within

He offers good alternatives to standard bulleted slides for decision support services, but doesn’t offer more than passing suggestions about what slides might be good for. I think that’s probably more edwward So right. If you present a lot, it could be helpful to think more about the presentations you are giving.

For many years, overhead projectors lit up transparencies, and slide projectors showed high-resolution 35mm slides. My number’s up in early December, and previously I’ve been nervous about having to create my first PP presentation. The in-depth analysis of the NASA incident is especially damning. I also powepoint more and more on images in my talks, because that’s what a screen is really great for!


Given this, PP is the enemy of clear thinking and is poisoning policymaking from the inside out. Learn tufge the Stoics! Sep 04, Rebecca marked it as to-read Shelves: And that is what has become of our scientific, academic and professional meetings.

It’s a self published booklet rant. And all presentation ot, PowerPoint included, have their time and place. He bends quotes to his will such as quoting Orwell and then misquoting him to make him talk about PowerPoint.

This was a much more engaging read than I expected it to be.

In most of the talks I give, the setting is one in powerpiont the audience does not want to and will not read long texts off the screen. The cognitive style of PowerPoint. And cherry-picks bad presentations to say that “all presentations are like this.

Tufte also sneaks in a few caustic but highly pertinent observations on the authoritarian n A powerpointt, biting argument against the cognitive mold that is PowerPoint, into which serious people transmitting information needed to make decisions pour complex information- and get a misshapen lump at the end.

We do not deliver evidence with PowerPoint, we deliver a sales pitch. Gettysburg Address ocgnitive it were in PowerPoint. This booklet is excepted from one of Tufte’s other books, and is at times a spectacularly intemperate rant against PowerPoint.