Download Citation on ResearchGate | Polimerisasi Eugenol Minyak Daun Cengkeh Hasil Redistilasi, Ekstraksi, dan Fraksinasi Menggunakan. Eugenol is the main component in the essential oil of clove. Clove essential oil .. Hidayati N. Ekstraksi eugenol dari minyak daun cengkeh. Jurnal Teknik. Prinsip percobaan isolasi eugenol yaitu a. Pemisahan eugenol dari komponen minyak daun cengkeh b. Ekstraksi pelarut c. Pemisahan senyawa dari pelarut.

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Example Technique Lab Report Rev Potensi cenkeh minyak daun cengkeh sebagai komoditas ekspor Maluku. Eugenol which was reacted with a cyclic sulfonic acid ester klorosulfat produce that could inhibit Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus8.


Yield of eugenol was calculated using the following equation: Eugenol distillate which was then measured its volume and analyzed eugenol concentration by GC. Ekstrakei with molecular formula C10H12O2 is a compound that has many functions and was needed in the industry. Majapahit 62 Mataram Indonesia.

The bottom layer was Na-eugenolat aqueous layer and the top layer was organic layer. Minyak atsiri merupakan jenis minyak yang disuling dari berbagai macam tumbuhan seperti serai, akar wangi, cengkeh, kayu manis, nilam, mawar dan lain-lain. Controlling the temperature of the reaction was done by looking at the temperature of the thermometer mounted on the reactor. Jurnal Litbang Pertanian, As well as research results Haryani et al.

In the supercritical CO2 minyqk to get the yield The eugenol dri polymerized with concentrated sulfuric acid in ratio 1: Although Indonesia is the largest clove oil exporter in the world, but the fulfillment of eugenol Indonesia still have to import from other countries2. Arfah One of attractive ornamental fish species that is from Amazon, South America, is genus Corydoras. Bioinorganic magnetic core-shell nanocomposites carrying antiarthritic agents: Before placing distillation flask, Na-eugenolat that has been mixed with HCl silenced while for NaCl precipitate formed, then the newly inserted distillation flask which had been fitted condenser and thermometer.


Ekstraksi eugenol dari dauh daun cengkeh. Self — emusification of alkaline — dissolved clove bud oil by whey protein, gum arabic, lecithin, and their combinations. In the study of isolation eugenol from clove oil, there is no data on the reaction temperature used and reaction time used is relatively long.

Fitri and Kawira22 get Clove bud oil emulsion CBO in alkaline solution with the addition of whey protein emulsifier, gum arabic, lecithin or a mixture of all of them is stable for 7 days of storage In the variable temperature of 50oC, the best conditions obtained on reaction time 45 minutes with a volume of 96 mL of aqueous layer.


Eugenol serves as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiemetic, a stimulant and a local anesthetic that was widely used in the pharmaceutical world5,6. From Figure 2 shows that the temperature and reaction time effect on the increase in the initial concentration of eugenol obtained.

Medicinal value of clove. Email the author Login required. Isolasi dan karakterisasi dari minyak bunga cengkeh Syzigium aromaticum kering hasil distilasi uap. The aim of this study was to obtained optimum process conditions such as temperature and reaction time, and was expected to optimize the isolation of eugenol from clove oil and produce higher yields.

Journal of Pharmacy Research,6: Volume aqueous layer Na-eugenolat at various temperatures and reaction time Temperature oC 30 40 50 Time of Reaction mnt 15 30 45 60 75 15 30 45 60 75 15 30 45 60 75 Volume aqueous layer mL 86 87 89 90 91 96 97 91 89 89 88 93 96 89 87 The best conditions of each of the different variables- At 30oC temperature variables, the best conditions obtained in a reaction time of 75 minutes with a volume of 91 mL of aqueous layer.


The structures of products were characterized by GC-MS and obtained a compound, namely bis eugenol 4-allylmethoxyphenoxy methane 2.

The variable 40oC, the best conditions obtained in a reaction time of 30 minutes with a volume of 97 mL of aqueous layer and this results in an optimum condition. Clove essential oil was produced from the leaves, flowers and stems plant cloves with the extraction process.

Reactive Extraction Process in Isolation of Eugenol of Clove

A mixture of cloves eugenol from 1. Roto Tahir I, Mustofa M. Na-eugenolat aqueous layer was then added ekstrakssi N HCl to obtain a pH of 4. Oksidasi eugenol asetat dan uji aktivitas antioksidan senyawa turunannya. After a reaction time of 15 minutes were relatively small increase in the concentration of eugenol and almost evenly on all the variables of temperature and reaction time. Synthesis of a low-carbonate high-charge hydrotalcite-like compound of ambient pressure and atmosphere.

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Eugenol is the main component in the essential oil of clove. Jurnal Teknologi Eugenll dan Industri,2: Vanilla acetate can be made from the oxidation reaction of isoeugenol acetate with KMnO4 with microwave heating Natural Product Communications,5: The higher the temperature and reaction time, the greater the volume of aqueous layer to obtain optimum conditions.

The highest increase occurred in all variables reaction temperature with a reaction time of 15 minutes, where the concentration of eugenol increased from Organic Chemistry Lab, Intermediate.