El apestoso hombre queso y otros cuentos maravillosamente estúpidos by Jon Scieszka. (Hardcover ). New. Bookseller: Agapea Libros Urgentes ES (ES); Bookseller Inventory #: ; Title: El apestoso hombre queso y otros cuentos maravillosamente. el apestoso hombre de queso y otros cuentos maravillosamente estúpidos. 37 likes. Book.

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Good Morning, my loves! I’m posting early today because Belle is driving up to pick up her little sister from uni for the Christmas holidays! She’s loads of fun to have around the castle So, Fred is totally the fun one compared to George, right?

Dropping the Ton-Tongue Toffee in front of Dudley. Or thinking up the idea of using the Ageing Potion to trick the Goblet of Fire. So, I feel his reading literature are humorous ones too. I don’t have joke books but this is one of my funnier and quirkier stories on my shelf. Emphasis on the ‘stupid’ part of the title and I think Fred will eat it right up lol Speaking of stupid, what’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?

The Stinky Cheeseman and other Fairly Stupid Tales is a hilarious book which plays with the conventions of textuality and illustration as well as twisting traditional tales. It is laugh out loud funny and a very entertaining read. My dad had never read thestinkycheeseman so I knew I had to buy a copy and make him read it, because they are the sort of stories that are silly and sometimes pointless and remind me of my childhood.

Book and Food for the finnfury challenge. I wish I had cake or pie, but alas, I do not, so cheese and crackers will have to do. As much as I want to say these books are for my nieces and nephews I detested the Dutch Gouda Cheese speckled with cumin seeds that Mum used to feed us on dark German rye bread. What I adored was the French cream cheese that came in a huge cuboid box.

She used to get mad at us three children because we’d make ourselves sandwiches with it -sliced so thickly it looked more like tofu- and a generous smothering of pre Chernobyl black currants preserves from the Soviet Union on white San Francisco sour bread.

#thestinkycheesemanandotherfairlystupidtales – Hash Tags – Deskgram

Funnily enough, I grew up to have a thing for mature, strong, smelly cheese. Miguel also loves good old full-bodied cheese. So when we learnt that a new cheese monger was coming to town, we were both euphoric.


On this occasion we were up for an adventure and got a Spanish semi-soft cheese with a powerful odor made from unpasteurised sheep milk. The lovely girl in the shop said that the cheese has very intense quesso.

We hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast. Besides, neither of us wanted to cook. As our son was at Miguel’s parent’s, we decided to eat out before going home. And no sooner had we entered the restaurant, than we forgot completely about our smelly purchase inside my bag. Our stomach filled, we headed home on foot.

The night was warm, and the cool breeze gently stroked our bear legs. Then something started to bother my olfactory. I walked on, but the offensive smell kept following me. I lowered my head and sniffed the underarms.

I can smell it.

I sniffed myself once more. Leaving the noise of downtown apestodo, the stench disappeared, and as we neared the house we both forgot about it. On arrival I went straight to the kitchen to empty the cooler bag I carry around for food shopping.

The moment I unzipped the bag, the familiar smell hit me. Genial i atabalador a parts iguals. Found this old masterpiece for 99 cents at a used book store yesterday. The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales 90snostalgia allthings90s ilovethe90s s 90skid 90sstuff allthingss 90s 90sbooks books thestinkycheesemanandotherfairlystupidtales – 6 months ago.

Cleaning out my garage and found this! We caught Barnsie Bear lounging with his weekly barnsiespicks this morning. Harry the Dirty Dog, by Gene Zion. Blueberries for Sal, by Robert McCloskey.

Some fractured fairytales inspired flats for thestinkycheeseman at westondramaworkshop – enchantedforest you say? A warm hearth by which to warm yourself you say? What kind of sweet bedtime stories do you read to your kids? One hombee my favorite books growing up. Loved the illustrations, as well. Made me want to be an artist. This was one of my favorite books when I was growing up.

See you in a few moments for storytime!

Right idea but the execution is a tad off thestinkycheesemanandotherfairlystupidtales storytime – 11 months ago. Storytime was much fun tonight! Head over to Fruend Club for video, it record live; link in bio!! Storytime tonight was wonderful, see you next week for more of the Stinky Cheese Man.

We start reading from new book. The Stinky Cheese Man! See you there fruends! I guess he wants to read The Stinky Cheese Man. Who remembers this gem? I had so much fun playing Foxy Loxy and Princess 2 in thestinkycheesemanandotherfairlystupidtales at the fscjtheatre musicaltheatre – 1 year ago. This is me operating sound for the last show of The Stinky Cheeseman.


The image quality could be better, but this is me operating sound for The Stinky Cheeseman. I find the best things at Chapters. Fingers crossed I make it into my school’s musical thestinkycheesemanandotherfairlystupidtales thestinkycheeseman fscj theatre fingerscrossed – 1 year ago. Cheese with the stinky cheese man! Will you be my stinky cheese man?! Reunited with my childhood tonight. So many bird masks for thestinkycheesemanandotherfairlystupidtales creativekidsplayhouse propmaker propmaking costumeideas costumemaker theatre theatrelife directorslife – 1 year ago.

I can’t even express how happy I am over these pins can’t wait to rock them. A sliceofcake that is mylife. I never wanted to be a princess, only a tomboy.

I would run around with the boys, but still acted kinda coy. I didn’t want to be rescued, I needed more excitement. When I played sports, I felt my own enlightenment. Be true to yourself, make your own fairytale. Go wherever you want, it’s your boat to sail.

Good Evening, my loves! Way past my bedtime. You’ll get a kick out of it. And May the fourth be with you! It was so embarrassing! And I’m not even Catholic lolol I know it’s been a while so let’s play tag!

I find it hilarious.

Those huge blocky letters get me every time lol What’s some of the most accidentally embarrassing or stupid things you homnre done to a stranger? All my friends are prego thestinkycheesemanandotherfairlystupidtales childrenbooks love this one. Doing inventory at the library and ran across this old school classic. One of my faves as a kid librarybooks childrenssectionofthelibrary thestinkycheesemanandotherfairlystupidtales cinderumpelstiltskin throwback – 2 years ago.

Does anyone remember this book?? My mother read this to me when I was little!! Jk I loved this book!! My favourite childhood book thestinkycheesemanandotherfairlystupidtales favouritechildhoodbook reminiscing finallyhaveit lovethisbook classic tales beforebed reading – 2 years ago.


Day Thirteen 25daysofchristmas 25daysofbooks 25daysofbookstradition whatdoyoudowithataillikethis stevejenkins robinpage thestinkycheesemanandotherfairlystupidtales jonscieszka lanesmith – 2 years ago. Art created by me. The play closes this weekend! Follow my apesgoso Instagram viettriet Hard dose of reality. Pervy frog that likes insects and kisses. This is the Giant’s attempt at a fairy story.