El Chorruelo. Bulerías. Paco de Lucía. Luzía 1/2. = Standard tuning x Falseta 4. Capo. fret 3. 4. 2. 6. 0. (0). 5. 3. 3. 6. 5. 5. (5). 3. 5. 5. 3. 3. El Chorruelo. Bulerías Paco de Lucía Luzía Standard tuning. = x Falseta 4. Capo. fret 3. 0 (0) 6 6 5 5 (5) 2 3 3 3 5 5 5 5 5 4 5 5 3 3 5 7 5.

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And we could never learn from your Youtube Videos. I have recommended them as teachers to many inquiries via email that I have recieved over the years I think you misunderstood Jasons comment, Prof.

If his sentences have a high quality, he dont need to do large monologues. I personally like the beauty of differences out there: That is what i meant with “different faces of flamenco”. Thats a difficult question. And don’t make it a race. Diego pcao Morao has no Aire I am highly interested to try to learn what you are teaching and to follow instructions without discussing about any technical aspects, just listen and learn.

Enjoy the ray of sunshine that comes with every new step in knowledge.

El chorruelo by Paco de Lucia – Full Score Guitar Pro Tab |

And i agree with you that one should deeply beeing in to something, analyse it and do everything possible, if you want to really learn it. Hasta diria que hemos formado una pequena familia todos estos anos.

To advertise on this site please contact us. Well, i think from a certain point, everyone has the criteria to have an own “opinion” about flamenco guitarists. It saddens me to see “ego” become such an easy trap for us to fall into for the so-called sake of information and argumentation. And i don’t think that “taste” and “knowledge” should be seperated in Music. Many think their ways of holding the hands or doing any technique is the only right way and force the students to learn it that way.


I’m sure I’m not the only one?

What shall chorruepo do now? I’ve deleted my posts because some of you perhaps will use mr. But after few years of beeing deeply in to flamenco, you create some knowledge and a feeling for what is 1 flamenco and what not 2 what is correct and good technique and what not 3 who could be a good teacher and who notetc.

Of course you need technique, etc.

Not e, that but disrespectful towards other players But I do believe Ruben is being a bit closed minded. A few sentences suffice. Shall we either just shut up and learn what you teach or go to another teacher? I respect a good player, especially when they interact in our forum What you say is basically to copy a Style.

RE: Bulerias “El Chorruelo” from Paco de Lucia’s Album “Luzia” – Falsetas 1 to 3

Please chill out and try to put your salient points across with brevity. I can assure you and others that may read this thread that Adam del Monte and Richard Marlow Ricardo are indeed both “Bonafide teachers” of flamenco guitar. Then, you realize that it is not easy at all, IF you want to play it with that specific Aire and Vibe!!!

Why can’t we just teach, play or share our views from our favourite guitarists without runing others directly or indirectly down? I would find it a real pitty if we would exclude some guitarists or Styles from beeing good, only because we have an own personal favourite.

I think what he meant was that technique is not everything. Welcome to one of the most active flamenco sites on lucja Internet. But if we all do that, we will be simply cheap Copies of Paco.

Skilled players are often not good in teaching. There is a discrepancy here.

Download Section / Paco de Lucia Repertoire

I would even accept that some players have higher technical skills, but don’t mention things like Aire please. You need assistance in that stage to find a good teacher to avoid learning bad technique and habbit from a self professed wannabe teacher.


Is one “better” than the other one? And i also have a different opinion about Chorruelo. Pero esto no quita que ludia tenga respeto hacia el resto de los miembros de este foro y del arte flamenco. Originality is a quality that cannot be imitated.

Beginners also cant distinguish between any players quality. A medium for open discussion or voicing of ideas.

I have seen some young Guitarists with incredible and fast technique, but who were totally boring imo and i didn’t feel anything when hearing to them, playing the Guitar with no Soul, with no Aire, with no Duende.

Post has been moved to the Recycle Bin at Jun. From there, taste is also an important factor. We receive 12, visitors a month from countries and 1. It is never a good idea just to focus on one viewpoint or just one style, e. Hey Ruben, When you say things in this way it makes it very clear that you yourself feel that some of the teachers and online resources mentioned by Arash are not “Bonafide.

If your goal is to learn a specific style, you concentrate on it and if you are open to all styles and want to try out everything, you learn from different sources. And why do we always talk about that and want to discuss it and find out what it is? But between the lines, i have the feeling that you simply don’t accept any other opinion about ANYTHING other than yours, and that whenever you see such an opinion about something that may differ from yours, you feel like it is an attack againts you or disrespect and that everyone wants to be a teacher and a “pilot” now!