Twenty-seven years ago, his son, Matthieu Ricard, gave up a promising career as a scientist . El diálogo entre padre e hijo, entre un filósofo y un científico y posterior monje budista, el ateísmo de uno y el desapego del otro, el constructor de. Pero, antes que nada, ¿qué es el budismo, en realidad? Jean-François Revel y Matthieu Ricard, padre e hijo, filósofo agnóstico uno y monje el. Libros de Segunda Mano – Pensamiento – Otros: El monje y el filosofo- jean françois revel y matthieu ricard. Compra, venta y subastas de Otros en.

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After that I felt like more of the same was being repeated and by the end the read got heavier. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Though it is reasoned, I would state that there is substantial amount of research which states that fjlosofo can change the way people think and feel in a grave and depressing manner.


Does life have meaning? The monk compares the feats of Buddhist contemplatives to the skills of an Olympic athlete, who after many years of training, can jump 8 feet high. It is only together that they can make life pleasant as well as fulfilling. What makes it interesting is the authors backgrounds, and the fact that none of them get to drag long enough without being challenged, whether mattjieu expected or unexpected reasoning.

This book is a conversation between the two! They also deal with detachment, the concept of it as they discuss various issues.

How much is our theory blinded by this illusion? And he uses his knowledge to probe into the metaphysics, ethics, and practice of buddhism. Dec filossofo, Leland Beaumont rated it really liked it.

Published February 15th by Schocken first published The book is a fantastic read, and is sure to broaden the reader’s thinking on a score of subjects, including the pursuit of happiness. The discussion is filosovo quite philosophically rigorous, and the topics covered include some of the big questions I listed above.

Still, if you are int This is a fascinating situation where an esteemed scientist has left science to become a Buddhist monk, rising to the inner circle of the Dali Lama, while is father is a respected mnje of western thought.


Certainly the ability to jump that high is extraordinary, and greatly exceeds the ability of any untrained athlete. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. After reading it, I am shocked to find out that not only does it provide a comparison, but also that my original concept in Buddhism is totally wrong.

The Monk and the Philosopher: A Father and Son Discuss the Meaning of Life by Jean-François Revel

The son, Matthieu Ricard was groomed to become a molecular biologist. In the latter book, Revel criticised those Europeans who argued that the United States had brought about the terrorist attacks upon itself through misguided matthhieu policies. Buddhism simply offers to share an experience with anyone who wishes. This matthiu is richly realized throughout the remarkable dialogue created by the The relationship between father and son is always complex.

Book of Mirdad Mikhail Naimy. Still, if you are interested in the difference between Eastern and Western thought, this is a book packed with information you would be hard put to find anywhere else. This language sounds strange to the modern reader who is better acquainted with the ton Through an extraordinary dialogue between a father and a son, this book explores Buddhism and how it addresses some of the most profound questions about nature and reality. As the father begins to pres I had some difficulty determining how I felt about this book by the end.

De monnik luistert geduldig en probeert zijn vader, die een westers, kantiaans en bijna materialistisch wereldbeeld aanhangt, alles zo helder mogelijk uit te leggen.


Jean-Francois Revel appears to be well versed with not only the works of the contemporary modern philosophers but also of the ancient greeks and the roman schools of thought. Gelukkig nuanceert Matthieu het beeld dat westerlingen nogal eens van het boeddhisme hebben als een passieve, tot apathie neigende religie, waarin de volgelingen enkel op willen gaan mknje het nirwana.

The Monk and the Philosopher: But like I mattthieu earlier, these are probably results of subjective experiences that one has to strive towards.


How much is our theory blinded by this illusion? In the end I can recommend it highly. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. What constitutes consciousness and how it is formed shaping our behaviour in response to the outer world? In the initial few chapters, the question on whether Buddhism is a religion or mind-science or a way of life ricarrd been addressed.

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The son, Matthieu Ricard was groomed to become This wonderful book is a dialogue between a philosopher father and a buddhist son about the ideas from the eastern and western traditions that concern themselves with the meaning of life.

Quotes from The Monk and the The son’s take on Buddhism can be easily ignored as there are much better books that explain this doctrine. matthueu

El Monje y El Filosofo

Since religions were losing a hold on the laity, there was very little guidance that people could draw from philosophy on living a good mattheiu. This is the purpose of the contemplative science of Meditation.

What is the true nature of the world as it exists independently of ourselves? The West, aided by developments in science, believes that progress in the general human condition itself will automatically better the individual. Don’t forget to keep up a daily meditation along with your reading! It could be a conditioning bias, but I was particularly impressed by the father’s JF range of understanding, and at times found the Buddhist perspective too dependent on analogies and metaphors. Meestal stelt de filosoof vragen, om het boeddhisme beter te leren kennen, om het in een hokje te kunnen duwen is het een religie of een filosofie?

En Defensa de la Felicidad Matthieu Ricard. Should we strive for personal success, or is that striving filoaofo snare and a delusion? Any such major upheaval would have to be accompanied by an equally deep and sudden major restructuring of the complex circuits of neurons that determine our habits and behavior.