Drugs, felony charges, even jail couldn’t stop him Electroconvulsive therapy did. A manic memoir by Andy Behrman. Andy Behrman wrote Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania while convalescing from four months of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) that effectively. This is a two-part series where I explore the inner-world of Electroboy, Andy Behrman. Mr. Behrman speaks openly about bipolar disorder.

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One Saturday, I feel like spending money at Barneys. I’m restricted to my one-bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side for 20 hours a day, with a beeper-sized electronic monitor continuously strapped to my left ankle for days. May 15, Juli Kinrich rated it really liked it. For many years in the I thoroughly enjoyed it, perhaps because of my own identification with a lot of it Jul 31, Roger rated it really liked it.

Thanks for telling us andt the problem. Electto check out the view from the 38th floor on to Akasaka – tons of bright neon. With brilliance and courage, the author’s brave and candid chronicle travels where no other memoir about mental illness and addiction has gone before. My contact lenses are dry and I’m thirsty. There’s not much in the way of story when it comes to the depression part, but Andy points out frequently that he actively sought ways to stay manic beheman, drugs, shopping, more drugs, more sex, travel, more shopping We spend our days at our favourite beach, a nude beach at Gay Head, and in the evenings we go out for dinner and a movie.

Behrman trusts readers to pick up on the style’s expression of theme; as another reviewer wrote, Behrman “shows” mania. And it was only after Electroboy came out that I heard from other people who said their story was just like mine. I’m sure it was no accident that the more the author understand and successfully treated his mental illness, the more the narrative became simplier, easier to follow.


He leaves big holes in his “timeline,” which normally would bother me. Still, something tells me this is going to be a painfully long flight. bboy

Andy Behrman

For a brief moment, I’m confused as to where I am. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful.

I could do a much electtro job flying this jet plane than our pilot. At first, the ankle bracelet is a novelty with which I entertain my friends.

They stare at me as if I’ve just returned from Jupiter. Go through the mail. When things quieten down in the slightest, it’s hard to lie in bed knowing that someone is drinking a margarita poolside at nehrman hotel in Miami, driving miles per hour down the Pacific Coast Highway, or fucking at the Royalton Hotel. This article relies largely or entirely on a single source.

Andy has a great way of keeping the content at the forefront of importance, and leaving stylistics to exist as unseen functions. And, in fact, at times his tale s exhausting– he jumps right from one exploit to the next. Everything moves in anvy motion. It’s a great book for truly showing electrp life can be like for someone who is battling maniac depression. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I like to read memoirs of people with bdhrman illnesses.

My skin starts tingling and I feel as if my insides are spilling on to the sidewalk. Do you think your mental illness has contributed to your open sense of sexuality? Because I am confined to my apartment, my manic world comes inside. I hoard them in my kitchen cupboards in case I get snowed in for the next six months. Nobody can help me.


The Shocking Tale of Andy Behrman

I was benrman tremendous pain, and barely recognized my sister when she came to the hospital. Yet his family never guessed that anything was the matter. I was amazed that Behrman was as functional as he was. Nobody talks about him very much, but he was an attorney who kept very odd hours. The symptoms of manic depression come in different strengths and sizes. I don’t sleep much – maybe two or three hours a night, sometimes not at all for a day or two at a time – so I end up killing a fair amount of time hanging out downtown, drinking and doing drugs with my insomniac friends.

For years Andy hid his raging mania under a larger-than-life personality.

Andy Behrman – Wikipedia

Meanwhile his supposedly “all-too-normal” story takes you on a roller-coaster ride involving international art forgery, side gigs as a stripper, being the best dressed student on his campus, all related in a funny, exciting, and breathtaking way. I tell him I’ll take both.

And yes, he admits, one of the secrets of manic depression is the pleasure it brings. This book was hard for me to read as I also have manic depression. I was aware of the danger, but I thought I was being rational. We talked at length about bipolar, really for the first time.

The Shocking Tale of Andy Behrman – bpHope : bpHope

Is it a dream? Ignoring his crescendoing illness, Behrman struggled to keep up appearances, clinging to the golden-boy image he had cultivated in his youth. I take a sip of juice as she grabs my arm and escorts me to my room, where my parents and sister are waiting for me.