Buy DIN EN () Electricity Metering Equipment (a.c.) – Part 1: General Requirements, Tests And Test Conditions – Metering Equipment (class. BS EN Electricity metering equipment (a.c.). General requirements, tests and test conditions. Metering equipment (class indexes. Find the most up-to-date version of CEI EN at Engineering

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It can be either electromechanical or electronic comprising both memory ies and display.

During the test, a temporary degradation or loss of function or performance is acceptable. The 50740-1 levels are regarded as minimum values to guarantee the proper functioning of the meter under normal working conditions.

EN 50470-1:2006

It may be a single-position socket for one meter or a multiple-position socket for two or more meters [IEV modified] aft 3.

The values of Ist, Imin, Itr, In, and Imax have to be chosen so, that the following relationships are met: Stationary use at 5040-1 locations IEC A single electronic display may be used with multiple electronic memories to form multiple electronic registers.

NOTE For meters for special use in corrosive atmospheres, additional requirements shall be fixed in the purchase contract e. For special applications, other test levels might be necessary and should be agreed on between the user and the manufacturer. BS EN Draft. Thus, when the voltage and the current circuits of a measuring element are connected together in normal use the test shall be made on the eb.

EN – Electricity metering equipment (a.c.) — Part 1: General req –

Search all products by. The manner of fixing the conductors to the terminals shall ensure adequate and durable contact such that there is no risk of loosening or undue heating. The terminals of the circuits, which are not subjected to impulse voltage shall be connected to earth. When displaying the contents of the memory iesthe clear and unambiguous identification of each value shall be possible and, for automatic sequencing displays, each display of register for billing purposes shall be retained for a minimum of 5 s.


In this case, the adjustment of the amplifier must be controlled by a field sensor. Any protective coating shall not be liable to damage by ordinary handling nor damage due to exposure to air, under normal working conditions.

If contact discharge is not applicable because no metallic parts are outside, then apply sn discharge with a 15 kV test voltage. When the terminal arrangements differ, all the dielectric strength tests shall be carried out for each arrangement.

Dr [IEV modified] 3.

If the terminal block is integral with the meter base, it is sufficient to carry out the test only on the terminal block. In order to satisfy such requirements when choosing insulating materials for the terminal block sadequate testing of materials shall be taken into account.

BS EN 50470-1:2006

Where there is a difference between the definitions in this glossary and those contained in product standards produced by TC 13, then the latter shall take precedence in wn of the relevant standard.

Meters are designated by the manufacturer by one or more groups of letters or numbers, or a combination of letters and numbers. The application of the RF field shall not produce a change in the register more than x units and the test output shall not produce a signal equivalent to more than x units.


IP51, but without suction in the meter; IP Testing and measurement techniques — Radiated, radio-frequency, electromagnetic field immunity test IEC EN EN Electricity metering equipment a.

Hammer tests IEC The unmodulated output pulses shall have the enn shown in Figure B. For rack-mounted meters, the mechanical properties are not covered in this standard. Testing and measurement techniques — Oscillatory waves immunity test IEC The maximum pulse frequency shall not exceed 2,5 kHz. The terminals, the conductor fixing screws or the external or internal conductors shall not be liable to come into contact with metal terminal covers. Your basket is e.

EN – European Standards

Where the terminal cover makes it possible, the conductive foil shall approach the terminals and the holes for the conductors within a distance of not more than 2 cm. Inductive voltage transformers IEC The minimum time between the impulses shall be 3 s.

The mechanical 50470- of the meter ej be tested with the following tests. Testing and measurement techniques — Immunity to conducted disturbances, induced by radio-frequency fields Electricity metering equipment a. An optimum pulse transmission 6 is achieved when, under test conditions, the receiving head is aligned with its optical axis on the optical pulse output. Testing and measurement techniques — Voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variations immunity tests IEC