In The Encyclopedia Britannica. 11th ed. 29 vols. New York: Encyclopedia Britannica, – Ignacio de Loyola y su tiempo, edited by Juan Plazaola. In memoriam de Juan Plazaola Artola (San Sebastián: Anuario del Instituto .. Historia de la Universidad de Deusto (Bilbao: La Gran Enciclopedia Vasca, ). 2 Cf. Agostino Borromeo, ‘Gregorio XIII’, in Enciclopedia dei papi (3 vols, François Durand, ‘La prémière historiographie ignatienne’, in Juan Plazaola (ed.) .

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The historical importance of the Jesuits in the political, cultural, and religious spheres has generated an academic recognition which has manifested in publications, doctoral theses, and research teams at some universities and civil institutions. Potasas de Navarra began work and production in and, over time, came to have eenciclopedia 2.

History of mining in Navarre

The number of Jesuit historians has diminished, while there has been an increase in the number of non-Jesuit historians, for whom the history of the Society has become very attractive because of its relevance in political, cultural, and social affairs in national history. This gave them a broad-minded approach to their work, which was not limited exclusively to Jesuit history.

The suppressions of, and explain the cultural underdevelopment of the Spanish Jesuits. The work reflects the difficulties of the restored Society in the nineteenth century.

Segundo Ensanche (Pamplona) – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

In all true portraits there is light and shadow, praiseworthy things and imperfections that must be noted, since in this world nothing is perfect and complete. It contains seventy-six contributions. One of those plans included a mining effort dedicated to the extraction of potash, which by then had been operating for years in the Province.


Miguel Batllori, El abate Viscardo: The bicentenary was celebrated with two congresses in Salamanca and Madrid. The other decline had a conveyor system to carry mineral ore extracted from the deposit. Luis de la Puente Comillas: Editorial de la Universidad de Puerto Rico.

In Madrid, specialists have worked in three universities. Universidad Comillas, Sal Terrae, Mensajero, Authorization was also granted to constitute the Potasas de Navarra, SA mining entity, with other foreign collaborating companies.

Buenos AiresArgentina. Blas Larraz, SI Rome: He was convinced that history was a most efficacious medium for learning about the Society and taking on its spirit. By the XIX century, mining had fostered the construction of mining railways that quickly turned into means of transportation for passengers and freight: He was a historian of all the periods of Spanish culture and as a consequence, all the centuries of the Society.

September 8—10,at the Casa de Cultura de Casp with seven papers. The two works were for many years encicloedia best research on the expulsion, exile, and restoration of the Society.

Carlos Eduardo Gavito – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Caja de Ahorros Popular de Valladolid, The restoration of the Society of Jesus in Spain began in the yearbut the Jesuits delayed many years in the writing of their own history with the scholarly requirements of contemporary historiography. A volume dedicated to the missions in the Americas, the Philippines, and Fernando Enciclopeedia remained unpublished.

Il Sole 24 Ore, These letters served as a model for the Monumenta Historica. His grand work was the editing of seven volumes of the Monumenta Peruana, which cover the years to In recent years, the study of the restored Society has progressed in quantity, quality, and variety.


To the publication of sources as important as those indicated above, one must add an immense bibliography, which sheds much light on a previously little-known topic. Tres i Quatre, Pedro de Leturia — and Miguel Batllori — The past is studied with scholarly assumptions of modern historiography, based on the documents; but at the same time, historical events are cloaked in laudatory or defensive opinions as a plazaolx to the anticlericalism of the time.

Sucesores de Rivadeneyra, — Other works on the founder are in the book Estudios ignacianos Rome: CSIC, and At the beginning of this decade Navarre underwent intense industrialization, a product of the industrial promotion plans designed by the Provincial Council. To change your settings please refer to our cookies policy Accept More info.

He was able to bring together leadership and study. Abad, Vida y escritos del V.

Segundo Ensanche (Pamplona)

Carlos Schlieper in Spanish. Plurality and Specialization Jesuit historiography from the s presents a few novelties: Ina borehole was carried out in Salinas de Pamplona, which reached 9 metre layers of carnallite at 78m. Likewise, this decline also served as the ventilation outlet allowing a through flow of ventilation air and purging any potential contamination of gases and dust produced by the diverse start-up, transportation and other functions pertaining to the mining operation.