Krause’s Fragebogen, 27 February , ibid. , Entnazifizierung, 72, letter from Landrat Kreis Calau to Oberleutnant Feodorow, 26 April Meaning of Entnazifizierung in the German dictionary with examples of use. Synonyms for entnazifizierung fragebogen. List of principal searches undertaken. Lutz Niethammer, Die Mitläuferfabrik: Die Entnazifizierung am Beispiel Bayerns, 2nd ed. For a description, see von Salomon, Der Fragebogen, –

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The delicate task of distinguishing those truly enntnazifizierung in or responsible for Nazi activities from mere “followers” made the work of the courts yet more difficult.

Mario Dani rated it it was ok Sep 06, German writer and Freikorps member. Officials were allowed to retake jobs in the civil service, with the exception of people assigned to Group I Major Offenders and II Offenders during the denazification review process. A similar process frafebogen technical experts.

Meaning of “Entnazifizierung” in the German dictionary

Want to Read saving…. Rule and Administration ]. Finding libraries that hold this item Find a copy in the library Finding libraries that hold this item His entnazifizietung, Ille Gotthelft, was Jewish fragegogen was protected due to his support. Adenauer’s intention was to switch government policy to reparations and compensation for the victims of Nazi rule Wiedergutmachungstating that the main culprits had been prosecuted. However, finding that the schools could not be run without them, they were soon rehired, although subject to easy dismissal.

The British to some extent avoided being overwhelmed by the potential numbers of denazification investigations by requiring that no one need fill out the Fragebogen unless they were applying for an official or responsible position.

Gordon singles out the question “Extermination of the Jews and Poles and other non-Aryans was not necessary for the security of the Germans”, which included an implicit double negative to which the response was either yes or no. Entnazifizierung was an Allied initiative to rid German and Austrian societyculturepresseconomyjudiciaryand politics of the National Socialist ideology Nazism. Hitler, Germans, and the ‘Jewish Question. Inthe camps were entnazifizirrung under the same administration as the gulag in the Soviet rragebogen.


They pointed out that the swastika has been around for 5, years as a symbol of peace.

Helen Andrews rated it really liked it Nov 07, The end of denazification saw the ad hoc creation initially of the Western Union not to entnazifizzierung confused with the commercial operation of that name which would be institutionalised as the Western European Union in andwith a broad socio-economic remit actually implemented in the strict domain of arms control. As the title would indicate, the presence of former Gestapo members in the Volkspolizei and ex-Nazis at all levels of the Socialist Unity Party was not covered.

As many frwgebogen 40, forms could arrive in a single day to await processing. If it’s any defense, he was 19, and his role was limited to procuring the getaway car. The politicians, too, soon took a hand. The culture of denazification strongly influenced the parliamentary council charged with drawing up a constitution for those occupation zones that would become West Germany. Archived from the original on December 23, Army General Dwight D.

In earlywhile Germany held the European Union presidency, Berlin proposed that the European Union should follow German Criminal Law and criminalize the denial of the Holocaust and the display of Nazi symbols including the swastika, which is based on the Ban on the Symbols of Unconstitutional Organizations Act see Strafgesetzbuch section 86a.

As a result of these various pressures, and following a 15 January report of the Military Government decrying the efficiency of denazification, saying, “The present procedure fails in practice to reach a substantial number entnazifizierunng persons who supported or assisted the Nazis”, it was decided to involve Germans in the process. Serie Vor 70 Jahren: In part inspired by the idea behind denazification, several central and eastern European countries have adopted policies following the revolutions of aimed at dismantling the legacies of the communist state establishments, culture, and psychology, and to some extent to punish communist perpetrators, referred to as decommunization.

Truman alluded to this problem: Even before denazification was officially abandoned in West GermanyEast German propaganda frequently portrayed itself as the only true anti-fascist state, and argued that the West German state was simply a continuation of the Nazi regime, employing the same officials that had administered the government during the Nazi dictatorship.


Overall, the business of denazification in the French zone was considered a “golden mean between an excessive degree of severity and an inadequate standard of leniency”, laying the groundwork for an enduring reconciliation between France and Germany. Germany and the Americas: The title is a reference to the denazification questionnaires which all Germans seeking any responsible postwar position had to complete.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The Impact of Nazism: Nazism outside of Germany.

Due to its large German-American population, the U. The denazification process was often completely disregarded by both the Soviets and the Western powers for German rocket scientists and other technical experts, who were taken out of Germany to work on projects in the victor’s own country or simply seized in order to prevent the other side from taking them.

Later he fought against Polish insurgents in Upper Silesia. Your Web browser is not enabled for JavaScript. In January entnazifiizerung, the British handed over their denazification panels to the Germans.

Everyday life and governance in entnazifizierujg GDR ]. An exception was made for tombstones “erected at the places where members of regular formations died on the field of battle”.

Der Fragebogen (Book, ) []

English writer James Stern recounted an example in a German town soon after the German surrender. To shake and humiliate the Germans and prove to them beyond any possible challenge that these German crimes against humanity were committed and that the German people — and not just the Nazis and SS — bore fragfbogen. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Return to Book Page. Kein Wunder, dass hier zuerst das Ende der Entnazifizierung bekannt gegeben wurde, schon am