The eThekwini Declaration continues the trend of successively widening and deepening cooperation between the BRICS. The 5th BRICS. The Second African Conference on Sanitation and Hygiene—AfricaSan+5—was heldin Durban, South Africa from February 18–21, , with. 5th BRICS Summit – eThekwini Declaration and Action Plan. 1. We, the leaders of the Federative Republic of Brazil, the Russian Federation, the.

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We express our deep concern with the deterioration of the security and humanitarian situation in Syria and condemn the increasing violations of human rights and of international humanitarian law as a result of continued violence. Finally, the eThekwini Action Plan is quite similar to declaraiton year’s Delhi Action plan which declaraion largely fulfilled – listing an impressive number of ministerial meetings during most of He is currently writing a book on Brazil’s role in Latin American politics.

We extend support to the efforts aimed at combating illicit traffic in opiates originating in Afghanistan within the framework of the Paris Pact.

Paragraph 26 strikes a balance between Russian interests regarding Syria opposing any further militarization of the conflict and civil society, which had urged the Brazilian and South African government in particular to include a call to.

Progress in rebuilding macro-economic buffers has been relatively slow, partly due to measures adopted to mitigate the social impact of exogenous shocks. Most notable, perhaps, is the possible creation of a “virtual Secretariat” under the section “New areas of cooperation to be explored” – policy analysts and academics from all BRICS countries should now use the coming year to develop the suggestions made wthekwini the last declwration of the declaration further and enrich the debate with proposals – for example about what a virtual BRICS Secretariat should do.

We welcome the ethewkini of the new Chairperson of the AU Commission as an affirmation of the leadership of women. Ten Predictions under EnglishFeatured. We are grateful to our Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors for the work undertaken on the New Development Bank and the Contingent Reserve Arrangement and direct them to negotiate and conclude the agreements which will declaratipn them.

The eThekwini Declaration: An analysis | Post Western World

This may point to an emerging “BRICS Consensus” – symbolized by the pursuit of a state-led economic growth strategy sustained by strong development banks. The affirmation that “next Director-General of the WTO should be a representative of a developing country” is a success of sorts for Brazil, which fields a strong contender. We are concerned about threats of military action as well as unilateral sanctions. We are concerned at the lack of progress in the Middle East Peace Process and call on the international community to assist both Israel and Palestine to work towards a two-state solution with a contiguous and economicallyviable Palestinian state, existing side by side in peace with Israel, within internationally recognized borders, based on those existing on 4 Eghekwiniwith East Jerusalem tehekwini its capital.


This is a major step towards institutionalizing cooperation: We call for the reform of International Financial Institutions to deeclaration them more representative and to reflect the growing weight of BRICS and other developing countries.

The eThekwini declaration and AfricaSan action plan

Mid-term meeting of Sherpas and Sous-Sherpas. The initial contribution to the Bank should be substantial and sufficient for the Bank to be effective in financing infrastructure.

In recalling the primary responsibility of the UNSC in maintaining international peace and security, we note the importance that the Quartet reports regularly to the Council about its efforts, which should contribute to concrete progress. We will seek to stimulate infrastructure investment on the basis of mutual benefit to support industrial development, job-creation, skills development, food and nutrition security and poverty eradication and sustainable development in Africa.

We support its independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty. Following the report from our Finance Ministers, we are satisfied that the establishment of a New Development Bank is feasible and viable. The downside is clearly that neither initiative is strengthened by more specific information or a timeline.

Many LICs are currently in a weaker position to deal with exogenous shocks given the more limited fiscal buffers and the constrained aid envelopes, which will affect their ability to sustain progress towards achieving the MDGs.

In this context, we support the implementation of the UN General Assembly Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy and are determined to strengthen cooperation in countering this global threat.

eThekwini Declaration and AfricaSan Action Plan –

The declaration has an assertive ring to it: We believe that the UN has a central role in coordinating international action against terrorism within the framework of the UN Charter and in accordance with principles and norms of international law. We recognize the critical positive role the Internet plays globally in promoting economic, social and cultural development.

They have concluded that the establishment of a self-managed contingent reserve arrangement would have a positive precautionary effect, help BRICS countries forestall short-term liquidity pressures, provide mutual support and further strengthen financial stability. We will continue in our efforts for the successful conclusion of the Doha Round, based on the progress made and in keeping with its mandate, while upholding the principles of transparency, inclusiveness and multilateralism.

We urge all parties to ensure the safety of humanitarian workers. Paragraph 26 strikes a balance between Russian interests regarding Syria opposing any further militarization of the conflict and civil society, which had urged the Brazilian and South African government in particular to include a call to “allow dedlaration facilitate immediate, safe, full and unimpeded access to humanitarian organisations to all in need of assistance.


While this may be consistent with domestic monetary policy mandates, major Central Banks should avoid the unintended consequences of these actions in the form of increased volatility of capital flows, currencies and commodity prices, which may have negative growth effects on other economies, in particular developing countries. We reiterate our commitment to work together for accelerated progress in attaining the Millennium Development Goals MDGs by the target declaratiin ofand we call upon other members of the international community to work towards the same objective.

Some of these actions produce negative spillover effects on other economies of the world. Low Income Countries LICs continue to face challenges that threaten the impressive growth performance of recent years. It is the overarching objective and strong shared desire for peace, security, development and cooperation that brought together BRICS countries.

We met at a time which requires ethekeini we consider issues of mutual interest and systemic importance in order to share concerns and to develop lasting solutions.

We remain concerned with the slow pace of the reform of etthekwini IMF.

We reiterate that individual countries, especially in Africa and other developing countries of the South, cannot achieve the MDGs on their own and therefore the centrality of Goal 8 on Global Partnerships for Development to achieve the MDGs should remain at the core of the global development discourse for the UN System. In this regard, China and Russia reiterate the importance they attach to the status of Brazil, India and South Africa in international affairs and support their aspiration to declaratino a greater role in the UN.

In March we directed our Finance Ministers to examine the feasibility and viability of setting up a New Development Bank for mobilising resources for infrastructure and sustainable development projects in BRICS and other emerging economies and declaratjon countries, to supplement the existing efforts of multilateral and regional financial institutions for global growth and development.

We emphasise the importance of political inclusiveness and economic and social development in order for Mali to achieve sustainable peace and stability.