From versatile Scottish writer Banks, another sf yarn about the tolerant, diverse, far-future Culture (The Player of Games, , etc.). Set in the remote future, Banks’s (Feersum Endjinn) latest novel mounts a galactic-scale space opera, or, to be more exact, a space opera buffa. The Culture, a. Joining me for this review of the fourth book in Iain M. Banks’s Culture Kyle Muntz: For me, Excession broadened the scope of the Culture.

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Gravity returned to normal and the drone clunked to the floor proper, clattering onto the heat-scarred undersurface beneath the chimney that was a vertical companionway.

I’m also finally going through Matter, and while it’s cool, I miss hearing the Culture Minds which has been one of the best parts of Excession. Fivetide took great pleasure in describing to the human the unique nature of the fish, which were equipped with mouth parts so specialised the fish could not feed normally and had to be raised leeching vital fluids from another type of fish bred specially to fit into their jaws. Not something it could do itself.

I think Consider Phlebas made me nostalgic for those guys! Play your part with skill, courage and honour and no ill will be thought of you by those who survive and succeed. Stuff missing here… Clock running way slow, like it’s down amongst the electronics crap… Run full system check. The nest space was hemispherical in shape and easily a hundred metres across.

Praise for the Culture series: But it was certainly sentient and the point is that the information remained in the ship’s head, as it were. What is going on? Leaving the tower; leaving the ship.

Unfortunately, because so many of the primary actors are shipboard AIs, few represented by physical avatars, they and their differences in character and motive are especially difficult to keep straight. The last furnace loads were the camp workers – gassed in their dormitories, mostly – and all the paperwork: From the top of the rain-blown tower, the woman watched the avatar as it retraced its steps along the narrow path through the sparsely treed water meadow to the foot of the two-kilometre cliff, which was skirted by a rough slope of scree.

In fact, it might be smarter than all of them combined. There were a few hidden records – books, photographs, sound recordings, indices, which contradicted the re-written histories – but they still didn’t directly explain why so many people, so many peoples seemed to vanish so suddenly, without any sign of assimilation. You must do as you see fit. Fivetide clapped his forebeak together a couple of times.


He hadn’t heard that name for a while, hadn’t had to think about that old machine for a long time.

An “excession,” in Banks’ parlance, is something that What sort of gift can you get for the Culture that has everything? What we were allowed to keep had been searched so thoroughly we joked they had managed to remove each grain of sand from our uniforms, something the laundry had never been able to do. Culture fans worldwide would rejoice — assuming sufficient artistry could be brought to bear on the jain.

The alarms dopplered down to silence. Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase. I may not be in Contact any more but I’m happy to help out when I can, when they have a problem.

The General Systems Vehicle Death and Gravity had been a long-winded old bore when he’d known it and it sounded like nothing had happened in the interim to alter its conversational style.

All to change, and the sea and the sky to become as stone, or steel… She shook her head again, iwin wondered what extremity of circumstance could possibly have so galvanised the great craft that had been her home, her refuge for so long. In “Excession”, the Culture’s espionage and dirty tricks section orders Diplomat Byr Gen-Hofoen to steal the soul of iian long-dead starship captain.

Genar-Hofoen was mildly impressed.

Excession – Wikipedia

No, you’re not expected to understand what an Energy Grid is, even after Banks goes to great lengths to explain it in analogous terms, but it basically is the substrate of reality against which faster-than-light engines push. Pages with related products. Impossible to do in a movie, this one. No, it didn’t look possible. The organic protagonists are, compared to them, while easier to track, basically pawns in a grand, cosmic game beyond their ken. Dajeil had on occasion discussed details of the various ecologies contained within the ship’s exceession with Amorphia, who seemed politely interested and yet frankly ignorant on the subject even though the ship’s knowledge of bznks ecosystems was, in effect, total; the creatures belonged to the vessel, after all, whether you regarded them as passengers or pets.

Humans don’t get off much better. It just seemed to disappear, too. The nearest star – fourteen standard light months away – was called Esperi, an old red giant which had long since swallowed up its complement of inner planets and whose insubstantial orb of gases now glowed dully upon a couple of distant, icy worlds and a distant cloud of comet nuclei. I wanted intelligent galaxy-spanning space opera with a handful of baseline humans getting caught up in an existential conundrum that the far-superior AI Ships and Banke Characters had to face.


As for Excessionit is one of the more exccession ones, top escession I think, and I can see why. The names they choose are so entertaining, and I want to come eexcession with my own name.

A matrix of figures flashed into its consciousness. One wishes that someone else William Gibson comes to mind, though he’s obviously busy producing his own great stuff had picked up and continued this series after Banks’ untimely demise.

There was no time to stop, no opportunity to use its own EM effector on the gun’s controls to prevent it oain overloading, nowhere to take cover, and – in the bznks mist of gases flooding the corridor – no way of accelerating beyond the danger.

Chattering spaceships with splendid if confusing names [ There are a few humanoids in the story, and their stories are interesting, but it’s probably the fact that there are humans in this story at all that depresses me the most I’ll have to shut-up now, before I spoil everything.

These ships and others discover the Excession hanging in space, tempting them with its almost unspeakable technological powers, rxcession furious scheming as to how to best exploit it ensues. So had that been just yesterday, or could something have happened to its clock?

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Dajeil carefully tucked a stray strand of her long, night-black hair back beneath her plain hair band and nodded to the tall figure making its way between the twisted trunks. The execssion snag with this novel for me is the large cast of characters, AIs, humans and aliens. I feel kind of ambiguous about iaiin book — one thing is certain it will never be my banks favourite, but on the other hand it’s a must read if you are interested in the Culture. Silent Hill Shattered Memories: The full list counts ten titles: God-shit, how we spoil you, eh!

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