Using an in vitro thrombolytic model, Tinospora cordifolia, Rubia cordifolia, Hemidesmus indicus, Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn, Fagonia Arabica and. Fagonia arabica L., belonging to the family Zygophyallaceae, commonly known as Dhamaso in Gujarati, Ustarkar in Hindi, Dhanvyas in. Fagonia Arabica is one such herb, that has multiple benefits and has its roots strongly fixed in history. This herb was discovered long back and has been used .

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A significant rise in the lactic acid concentration was observed after 2 h of ischemia in PC12 cells. In conclusion since Fagonia arabica contains a fair amount of Na, K, Ca, Mn, Arabicx, Zn, Cu and Fe so the usage of Fagonia arabica other than diet is beneficial for the treatment of urinary discharge, typhoid, diarrhea and reducing tumors.


These results are contrary to those reported by El-Habibi et al. This plant has arabia small and thin leaves and bears flowers that are purple in color.

Saponins from Fagonia arabica. Phytochemistry and phylogenetic affinities among Egyptian species of Fagonia. ROS has been implicated in the pathophysiology of many neurological disorders and brain dysfunctions.

This herb is a very basic and strong part of nature that has given many solutions to man. Its benefits have been proven time and again and it fgonia gained a lot of popularity and has come in the common use of the people. From small skin problems like pimples to big health concerns like cancer, it has been proven that Fagonia Arabica can prevent and cure them all.

Fagonia Arabica is very beneficial for liver and is used for the treatment of nearly all forms of Hepatitis. It has antioxidant capabilities, it is anti sporadic and is believed to have capacities to cure deadly diseases like cancer and hepatitis. In case of Mn, it was observed that maximum amount was obtained from leaves and seeds This herb is also used in cases of swelling and arabicw used in the treatment of allergies too. An investigation of antioxidant capacity of fruits in Singapore markets.


Fagonia Arabica is also a good remedy for liver ailments. The supernatant was collected and the activity of leaked intracellular LDH was measured using a diagnostic kit Merck India Ltd.

So far, Fagonia Arabica has been proven to have the following advantages: A lot of people are working on what is believed to be the wonder drug of the modern times. Wild medicinal plants of Madinat Al-Hikmah and its adjacent areas. Articles from Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research: Screening of 70 medicinal plant extracts for antioxidant capacity and total phenols. Experimental Chemicals All the chemicals used were of analytical grade.

The isolation and structure of nahagenin. Thrombolytic agents are used to dissolve the already formed clots in the blood vessels; however, these drugs have certain limitations which cause serious and sometimes fatal consequences.

The antimicrobial activity of its flavonoid compounds has been explored previously, 53 while arrabica nutritive values of it and of other species growing wild in the Rajasthan region of India, have also been evaluated Whats more, you can grow this herb in your back garden. KhattakNabeela G. Nature has always stood by man and provided various remedies. Research has proven its anti oxidant properties aravica its ability of diluting blood clots and hence the popularity. The reaction is catalyzed by lactate oxidase.

Effect of Fagonia Arabica (Dhamasa) on in vitro thrombolysis

Results revealed that leaves and seeds have maximum moisture content It is very good for lung disorders and is a famous medicine for asthma and other breathing problems.


Mohammadi BMC complementary and alternative medicine Find articles by Girdhar M Taori.

Ferric reducing antioxidant potential FRAP assay The ability to reduce ferric ions was measured using a modified version of the method described by Benzie and Strain The absorbance of the resulting oxidized solution was compared to that of the calibrated trolox standard. Open in a separate window.

Minimum amount of copper Cu was investigated in root Antioxidant activity and phenolic compounds of traditional Chinese medicinal plants associated with anticancer. But these days, man is again looking at nature for the remedies that even modern medicine could not provide.

Although the duration of ischemia is an important determinant of subsequent damage, reperfusion does also play a prominent role in the neuronal damage 5. The chemical ischemia was induced in PC12 cells by both metabolic inhibitors according to procedures described previously 24 The effect of antioxidants on DPPH radical scavenging was thought to be due to their hydrogen donating ability Please review our privacy policy.

Mominur RahmanAdnan MannanMd. Fagonia Fagonia arabica Scientific classification Kingdom: Views Read Edit View history. The authors are thankful to Director DRDE, Nagpur, for his kind support in providing facilities to carry out this work.

Iran J Raabica Res. Other constituents, such as docosyl docosanoate from hexane extract and water-soluble proteins from aqueous extract of air-dried F. It is strongly advised that this herb should not be consumed on an empty stomach.

United States Department of Agriculture.