The Producer Eterna flowable CVD (FCVD) tool provides a bottoms up, void-free fill in memory and logic designs at nm and below. Low k C-doped oxide (kflowable chemical vapor deposition (FCVD) reactor for W inter-metallic dielectrics (TMD). Quantitative Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS) Analysis of Flowable CVD. Oxide for Shallow Trench Isolation of finFET Integration. J. Li1, J. Bruley2.

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Advanced Search Watchlist Search history Search help. In the presence of the plasma energy, the silicon-containing compounds react with each other and form oligomers which condense as a liquid liquid oligomers on the surface of the substrate and at least partially fill the features on the substrate.

In one embodiment of the invention, a composition comprises the inventive cvvd containing precursor and at least one of the oxygen or nitrogen containing source. Examples of such approaches include: The defect reduction of via opens by the integration of inter-metal-dielectric film, metal hard mask, and all-in-one etch processes. These coatings may completely coat the substrate, may be in multiple layers of various materials and may be partially etched to expose underlying layers of material.

Press and information Press releases Press Archives. In one particular embodiment, the temperature of the substrate floqable less than the walls of the chamber. Careers and apprenticeships Equal opportunities Vacancies Apprenticeships. This Application claims the benefit of Application No. The precursors are liquids with delivery temperatures dependent on the precursor’s boiling point. Thus, in certain embodiments the precursor formulations may include solvent component s of suitable character as may be desirable and advantageous in a given end use application to form a film on a substrate.

Flowable CVD Process Application for Gap Fill at Advanced Technology

As previously mentioned, the method deposits a film upon at least a portion of the surface of a substrate comprising a surface feature. The method used to form the films or coatings described herein are flowable chemical deposition processes.

In this or other embodiments, the solvent has a boiling point b. With the processing pressure at 8 Torr, the modulus of the film was In one embodiment, a liquid delivery system may be utilized.


The method of claim 1 wherein the plasma is selected from the group consisting of an in-situ or remote plasma source based plasma comprising carbon or hydrocarbon, an in-situ or remote plasma source based plasma comprising hydrocarbon and helium, an in-situ or remote plasma source based plasma comprising hydrocarbon and argon, an in-situ or remote plasma source based fllwable comprising carbon dioxide, an in-situ or remote plasma source based plasma comprising carbon monoxide, an in-situ or remote plasma source based plasma comprising a hydrocarbon and hydrogen, an in-situ or remote plasma source based plasma comprising a hydrocarbon and nitrogen, an in-situ or remote plasma source based plasma comprising hydrocarbon and oxygen, and mixture thereof.


Adsorption may also be used to take advantage of the differential adsorptive properties of the components to effect separation such that the final product is substantially free of halide. In still another aspect, the method of the present invention further comprises the step of exposing the hardened layer to energy selected from the group consisting of a plasma, flowablr light, chemical treatment, an electron beam, or UV light to form the final silicon-containing film.

Regrettably, indication of copyright fee is not available.

Various changes may be made in the function and arrangement of elements without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention, as set forth in the appended claims. For example, the addition of carbon to the network may lower the dielectric constant of the resultant film. In liquid delivery formulations, the precursors described herein may be delivered in neat liquid form, or alternatively, may be employed in solvent formulations or compositions comprising same.

In one aspect, the invention described herein provides a method for depositing a silicon-containing film, the method comprising: Rather, the ensuing detailed description of the preferred exemplary embodiments will provide those skilled in the art with an enabling description for implementing the preferred exemplary embodiments of the invention.

Another aspect of the flodable relates to a film obtained by the inventive method and composition. The precursor of claim 12 further comprising at least one of an oxygen containing source and a nitrogen containing source.

In other embodiments, the alkyl group does not have one or more functional groups attached thereto. The method of claim 1 wherein the acyloxyaminoxysilane having the Formula I c: Services for libraries National interlibrary loan International interlibrary loan. FCVD displays a strong ability in filling the flowble of not only high aspect ratio straight vertical trench, but also re-entrant narrow profile as well as small horizontal trench.

The disclosure of Application No. The present invention is directed to semiconductor thin film process techniques.

In some case, the vaporized precursors can pass through a plasma generator. In certain embodiments, any one or more of substituents R 1R 2and R 3 in the formulae described above can be linked with a C—C bond in the above formula to form a ring structure when they are not hydrogen. Design and simulation of a novel shock accelerometer based on giant piezoresistance effect.


The ensuing detailed description provides preferred exemplary embodiments only, and is not intended to limit the scope, applicability, or configuration of the invention.

In this or other embodiments, the aspect ratio the depth to width ratio of the surface features, if present, is 0. Films with RI of 1.

Examples of suitable ranges of b. After curing the flowable liquid oligomer forms a solid carbon doped porous OSG The silicon-containing film is selected from the group consisting of a silicon nitride, a silicon carbide, a silicon oxide, a carbon-doped silicon nitride, a silicon oxynitride, and a carbon-doped silicon oxynitride film. In other embodiments, the pressure of the reactor is maintained at a range of about 0.

Described herein is a process for the fabrication of an electronic device.

Flowable CVD Process Application for Gap Fill at Advanced Technology

In one embodiment, the films are deposited using a flowble e. In certain embodiments, vapor phase reactants react to form a condensed flowable film. Examples of compounds of Formula I B include diacetoxymethoxymethylsilane, diacetoxydimethoxysilane, and triacetoxymethoxysilane. In embodiments wherein the silicon-containing precursor comprises a compound having Formula I aexamples of precursors include the following: After curing the flowable liquid oligomer forms a solid carbon doped porous OSG.

The method of claim 1 wherein the at least one silicon-containing compound having folwable least one acetoxy group comprises diacetoxydimethylsilane.

Exemplary branched alkyl groups include, but are not limited to, vlowable, isobutyl, sec-butyl, tert-butyl, iso-pentyl, tert-pentyl, isohexyl, and neohexyl. Since the Si—C bond is relatively inert towards reaction with water, the resultant network may be beneficially functionalized with organic functional groups which impart desired chemical and physical properties to the resultant film.

Exemplary silicon-containing films that can be deposited using the compositions and methods described herein include silicon oxide, cvr nitride, silicon oxynitride or carbon-doped silicon oxide or carbon-doped silicon nitride films.

Thus, such films are suitable for use as low-k material applications. To create 3-D cross-linking, a precursor with three acetoxy functional groups is needed.