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Shattered Lands Dark Sun: Elf PCs often feel a haunting sense of grief while exploring the ruins of a Crown Wars fortress, as though the very stones were imbued with deep sorrow, and even non-elf characters may feel subdued or disquieted. The War of Three Leaves begins. Today, surface-dwelling drow — largely worshipers of Vhaeraun and other drow empire exiled by the priestesses of Lolth — have claimed a large section of land in Cormanthyr, faeruh a section of the Elven Court.

Meanwhile, far to the northwest of the Elven Court, the sylvan elf civilization of Rystall Wood was a wild, carefree realm in what is now the Border Forest. Aryvandaar, now known as the Vyshaantar Empire, invades Shantel Othreier.

Lost Empires of Faerûn (Forgotten Realms)

Michael Wellman rated it it was amazing Jul 20, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lists with This Book. The church of Lolth rises to prominence. Dark Sun Dark Sun: Surprisingly, the city’s priests came together as one. The Vyshaantar Empire occupies all the remaining elven realms on Faerun and begins colonization empirres Evermeet.

The Fair Folk were concerned enough to risk open war with Netheril by stealing one set of the nether scrolls, but the Netherese never discovered the identity of the thieves. Jason Payne rated it liked it Jan 24, The information here is too setting-specific to be used as-is in most home campaigns, but there’s still plenty of inspiration to be had.


Elf sages in Evermeet, Evereska, and a few other bastions of elven lore have charge of the few chronicles that remain. The return of this item marked the next step in welcoming other races to Cormanthyr. Sep 18, James Bowman rated it liked it Shelves: For the first time in Cormanthyr’s history, the succession was open to any noble or commoner. The Sundering occurs, and Evermeet is created with elven high magic.

This page was last edited on 8 Julyat After centuries of decline, the elders of the Elven Court began the Retreat, leaving Cormanthor a virtually uninhabited forest within three decades. The Dark Disaster reduces Miyeritar to a dead wasteland.

Basic information The dark elves were transformed into drow during the Crown Wars as punishment for their depravity.

Lost Empires of Faerûn (accessory) – Wikipedia

For three thousand years the elves fought one another, tearing down most of what they had spent millennia building and practicing fratricide on a scale unseen before or since. Aryvandaaran forces occupy Miyeritar, though a number of dark and sylvan elf clans continue to resist.

The sun elves who had fought so bitterly to keep the office of coronal in the hands of their own kin reacted violently to her success and launched potent magical attacks at her, which failed utterly.

Many of these ruins also harbor lethal magic traps capable of obliterating not only intruders, but also the ruins themselves and a sizable forotten of countryside surrounding them.

The Crown Wars consisted of five major campaigns — some of which happened concurrently — that eventually involved all the major elven civilizations. The commerce guilds also began to squabble among themselves. With Keltormir’s withdrawal, the Vyshaanti and Ilythiiri come into direct conflict for the first time.

Cormanthyr rapidly became more like a loosely allied confederation of city-states than a single, cohesive nation. Terms of Use – Privacy Statement. The lands of Aryvandaar are largely abandoned for an age.


Walter Calaza rated it liked it Oct 27, After Aravae’s murder, the noble houses pushed to end the Mourning Days and choose a successor immediately.

Crown Wars Information for DCs. During the Year of Oaths Forsaken, Netheril neared the peak of its power, Narfell and Raumathar battled for dominance in the cold lands around Lake Ashane, Jhaamdath expanded throughout the lands south of the Sea of Fallen Stars, and modern Calimshan was arising from the old realm of Coramshan. The Fifth Crown War begins when the Vyshaantar Empire rebels against the proclamations of the Elven Court, which direct the elves of Aryvandaar to repudiate their Vyshaan rulers.

Hordes of drow and duergar boiled up out of their Underdark tunnels and struck the heart of the Elven Court. The forging of the Dale Compact and the raising of the Standing Stone occurred on Midwinter’s Night that same year, marking the start of the Dalereckoning calendar. Historians and philosophers debate whether the Crown Wars were the impetus for the many subsequent tragedies that befell the elves, or whether they were merely the earliest recorded example of that race’s propensity for disaster.

A great sage may know more specific details than those other lorekeepers can provide, such as the location of a specific city or fortress, but for the most part, any elf with an interest in history can learn about the Crown Wars with relative ease.

Aryvandaarans begin raiding along Miyeritar’s borders and interfering with its trade routes. Scott wachter rated it it was ok Dec 13,