Apr. Polyester schrumpft bei der Aushärtung- im Formenbau meist GFK unterscheidet (für den normalen Anwender) zwischen Epoxy und. Complete Patent Searching Database and Patent Data Analytics Services. , Beginn von Karosserie-Umbauten für Porsche-Fahrzeuge (GFK-Modell- und Formenbau) Zahl der Mitarbeiter: 8. , Gesamtsieger der Inter-Serie mit.

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Schwendi Mould and industrial pattern making contractors. Sustainability, innovative tool manufacture and the increasing use gfkk composite materials in the car manufacturing sector. Help with expert advice. It is easy to accomplish with Resinpal Use the wide range of products of Fiberglass Shop.

In addition, Fiberglass Shop offers a wide range of reinforcing fiber, such as fiberglass mat, glass filament fabric, glass scrims and carbon.

Crystal-clear resin Resinpal At Fiberglass Shop you can buy polyester resin, epoxy resin, casting resin, polyurethane resin, gelcoat, topcoat, or color pastes for industrial grade synthetic resins on favorable terms. In conventional manufacturing processes, lightweight composite structures are formed in multi-level processes and then glued or welded together in subsequent working stages.

Welcome to Fiberglass Shop.

GFK-Positiv erstellen

Another bonus is the energy saved through the use of integrative manufacture. Business tools and solutions designed for the global marketplace. Laupheim Metal machining contractors. Talk to the team. Ertingen Metal machining contractors. At Fiberglass Shop you will find a large selection of the necessary products for boatrepair. At the end of a three-year research and development phase, he concludes: The hybrid structures achieve strength values comparable to those of steel, and combine material and constructive lightweight construction, the latter of which is even possible with glass fibre-reinforced organic sheets and without the use of expensive carbon fibres.


GFK-Positiv erstellen |

Do you want to coat wood and canvases crystal clear? Formenbwu Fiberglass Shop you can find a huge portfolio of products concerning fiberglass-reinforced plastics.

Betzenweiler Mechanical construction services. For further information about cookies please read our privacy policy. Finsterle Stahl- und Meta Bad Buchau Metal machining contractors. Carbon or glass fabrics. Cost efficiency is increased both by significantly shorter process chains and short cycle times, allowing components to be produced in large quantities and in a cost-effective way while keeping production in time with the customer”s demands.

Visit us at the following trade fairs: Gehweiler und Lehn Maschi By further using this website you formenbxu the use of cookies.

Fiberglass Shop is aim is to private users, business people, industrial users, resellers and public institutions the best quality on the market. At the same time, different functions can be combined in gfkk compact design.

Eikboom GmbH Rostock – Raumausstattung & Kunststoff

Furthermore, we guarantee a very fast shipping. Tormenbau combination of organic sheet forming and injection moulding technology provides an extremely high degree of design flexibility and mechanical performance while also reducing the weight of the product.


Everything about pond construction and pool construction. Based on conventional hybrid technology, FIT Hybrid combines moulding and forming processes in a single tool.

This service is produced by Kompass.

Ingoldingen Metal stamping contractors. The FIT Hybrid process is not only suited to the car manufacturing sector – it can also be used in the aviation, aerospace and medical technology sectors, in the manufacture of sport and leisure products and in most lightweight formenbauu applications. The process combines several innovative trends which form the basis of this year”s JEC trade fair: Achstetten Metal machining contractors.

Please fill in your login and password Login. Browse our large range of casting resin and coating resins. Here you will find everything about RC-model tormenbau. You might also like.