Download Citation on ResearchGate | FORSCOM Regulation ( OBSOLETE): Unit movement data reporting and systems administration. | Authorizes. Authorizes and directs the use of the Transportation Coordinator Automated Command and Control Information System (TC ACCIS), as well as coordinated and. Within CONUS, FORSCOM is the Army service component command for USACOM. FORSCOM uses Army installation staffs and infrastructures to deploy units.

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This responsibility includes arranging for the use of civil port facilities as auxiliary ammunition ports. They also provide user training for space-based systems. To assure the expeditious movement of mail, the MPSA has the following missions:.

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The term “Supported CINC” refers to the combatant commander having primary responsibility for all aspects of a task assigned by the JSCP or other joint operation planning authority. Commanders of unified commands may establish subordinate unified commands when so authorized by the Secretary foscom Defense through the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

A specified command is a command that has a broad continuing mission and is composed of forces from but one Service. In addition to the responsibilities listed above, MARAD sets up controls to balance the requirements levied on civil port capabilities by the military and private sector. It does not create a new data base. This staff office has the primary responsibility for strategic transportation and for the operation of the JTB.


FORSCOM Regulation 55-2 1993 (OBSOLETE) : Unit movement data reporting and systems administration.

This forsdom is the most significant source of government-owned, early deployment shipping in terms of numbers of ships and overall cargo carrying capacity. The smaller the force, the more melding of functions will occur between operational and tactical level transportation operations. HN or contracted support is also a good source of resources to conduct or augment mode operations.

DSBs also provide liaison and coordination for movement of port-called units to designated terminals. Rorscom main staff element involved in coordinating transportation matters is the J4.

FM Chptr 2 Strategic Mobility Automation Support Systems

JMPA are the main operating agencies in the mail delivery system. The port operators at the SPOEs develop prestow plans and prepare to receive and load equipment. Forscok and regional commanders the information necessary to manage the movement of ocean cargo. This administration is responsible for aiding DOT in planning, financing, and developing urban mass transportation systems, facilities, and equipment.

ALM will automatically produce first-cut load plans and will provide computer assistance to modify those loads for execution.

It also allows the ASCC to adjust projected requirements. The advice includes the development of a theater-wide distribution system. MARAD also implements standby contractual arrangements for the priority use or allocation of selected ports for exclusive DOD use and for other federal forsom.

However, this role is only visible to the US military when there is DOD involvement in response to a domestic emergency. The Secretary of Transportation sets up a management organization during a national defense related emergency declared by the President.


MSC executes this mission with the active fleet, to include prepositioned afloat assets, on a daily basis. The exercise forxcom directive authority for logistics includes the authority to issue directives to subordinate commanders necessary to ensure the following: This system can be used by any 5-52 or organization.

A recommendation usually goes with the referral of the problem. It also manages the RRF. Specifically, the ITO executes the following tasks:. There are no specified commands at this time.

By performing activities common to both unit and non-unit movements with TC-AIMS equipment, commanders and movement fogscom improve deployment proficiency. The JTB acts for the CJCS by directing or recommending courses of action concerning priorities and allocations for the use of airlift, sealift, and surface transportation capability. Enter Your Email Address. Units are responsible for maintaining accurate equipment lists.

STARCs manage military highway movements and coordinate with federal and state civil agencies reserve unit mobilization needs. This responsibility includes operating the DTS. This chapter identifies the roles and responsibilities for the execution of transportation functions forscm DOD. It supports the national, theater, and supporting organizational levels in both peacetime and in crisis see Figure It provides common-user airlift transportation forsco to deploy, employ, and sustain US forces on a global basis.