Fractura De Escafoide Jess. 1. FRACTURA DE ESCAFOIDE Jessica Cruz Muños ; 2. Generalidades Después de la fractura de Colles. A fratura do punho – rádio distal – é uma das mais frequentes do esqueleto. Não raro as fraturas acabam consolidando com deformidade. throsis. Cross-sectional studies. RESUMO. Objetivo: Verificar como os cirurgiões da mão conduzem o trat- amento da fratura de escafoide e suas complicações.

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They presented a mean age of A, anteroposterior radiograph of the wrist; B, lateral radiograph of the wrist; C, pronated oblique radiograph of wrist; D, CT image of the wrist in coronal section; Esafoide, CT image of the wrist in sagittal section; F, anteroposterior radiograph of the wrist with seven weeks of evolution; G, anteroposterior radiograph with ulnar deviation of the wrist at seven weeks of evolution; H, complete extension; I, complete flexion; J, surgical scar.

Even bone scintigraphy may have negative results, as was shown in the series by Hanks et al.


In the case of proximal pole fracture, a technical failure occurred because the screw head was not fully inserted into the proximal pole; stabilization was lost and consolidation was not achieved. See the referenced article with doi: Conclusion Percutaneous fixation of waist and proximal scaphoid fractures with a compression screw presents good results, being a good alternative to prolonged plaster cast use. Surgery was performed with percutaneous fixation using the dorsal access; at ten weeks, consolidation was demonstrated by radiographic images in anteroposterior Fig.

The guidewire is introduced and its direction is continuously evaluated by the image intensifier in order to pass the wire to the proximal pole Fig. These data are very similar to those presented in the study by Severo et al.

The radiograph is the initial examination of choice, but is often not capable of revealing injury. Twenty-eight patients fraura selected, with a mean of eight weeks of follow-up.

This immobilization time causes muscular atrophy and a decrease in strength, leading to an increase in the degree of joint stiffness of the wrist, which in turn requires a longer rehabilitation time. A total of 28 patients were analyzed, totaling 28 wrists operated between January and Aprila number determined by the calculation of the sample size made by frratura Laboratory of Epidemiology and Statistics of the Dante Pazzanese Institute.


The most frequent mechanism of injury was a fall on the outstretched hand, in 22 cases Tomographic images C and D demonstrating nonunion after screw removal. Herbert screw fixation by limited access for acute fractures of the scaphoid. Falls, automobile accidents, or sport-related accidents are the main causes of this type of fracture. A posteroanterior radiograph of the wrist showed a scaphoid waist fracture and an opening of the radial aspect of the distal radial epiphysis Figure 1.

In the first escafoife after surgery, we used a long orthesis, which immobilized the ftatura joint of the thumb, and began rehabilitation in order to control swelling, treat scarring and increase movement.

Once the direction and the entry point are confirmed, the needle is impacted into the joint, so that the fragments do not move during the passage of the guidewire. This principle holds true for stress fractures through repetitive forces applied in a lesser degree than those needed to trigger an acute fracture. There was no history of pain or trauma to the affected wrist. They were positioned in a dorsal recumbent position with the upper limb supported on a transparent auxiliary table with an image intensifier used throughout the procedure.

Authors such as Vinnars et al. This weakness prevents adequate cushioning of the impact of dorsiflexion movements of the wrist. Scaphoid fractures are diagnosed by a history of acute trauma to the wrist in dorsiflexion, pain in its radial aspect, on palpation of the scaphoid and in the anatomical snuffbox 2,3.

After a brief literature review about this rare association, the authors ask for attention concerning the importance of physical and image examination in making right diagnosis and finding associated injuries.

If the wire is in a satisfactory position, a longitudinal incision of approximately 0. Patient with anatomical snuffbox pain 24 weeks after the surgical procedure.

Images obtained through image intensifier C—E demonstrating new surgical intervention with the use of unstructured iliac graft and placement of two Kirschner wires.

Fratura do escafoide por estresse em ginasta: relato de caso

Received Sep 3; Accepted Sep Consolidation was observed in 26 cases This fratuea extends the scaphoid and ulnar deviation, improving access to its distal pole Fig. Displaced fractures of the scaphoid. A randomized clinical trial. Open reduction of carpal dislocations: Radiographic escafoidee A and B showing poor screw positioning. Percutaneous fixation technique for fractures of the proximal third of the scaphoid The patient is placed in a supine recumbent position with the arm extended on the table.


Grip strength of right hand reached 66 kgf. Am J Sports Med.

Fratura de úmero

Regarding epidemiology, in the present study the mean age was Hand and wrist problems in the gymnast. Percutaneous eecafoide for scaphoid waist fracture.

Another feature related to the stress fracture was the presence of edema around the scaphoid bone. Abstract Objective Analyze the percutaneous fixation technique for scaphoid fractures in the waist of the scaphoid and the proximal pole, and demonstrate its result. This study included 28 patients who did not present bilateral fractures escaroide had a mean follow-up of eight weeks ranging fratkra 7 to 12 weeks until fracture consolidation was confirmed. The patient is placed in a supine recumbent position with the arm extended frayura the table.

The mean time to return to work was seven weeks, including patients with proximal pole fractures. Minimally invasive techniques may limit the arterial damage observed in open surgeries, and would theoretically increase the chance of fracture union. Comparison of short and long thumb-spica casts for non-displaced fractures of the carpal scaphoid.

Conclusions Percutaneous fixation is an excellent, reproducible technique that allows early active mobility of the wrist with a low complication rate, although it requires a learning curve.

Fractures of the carpal bones. The coronal section shows a complete fracture of the scaphoid waist arrow and a representative fraturra of bone marrow edema in the proximal and distal poles.

Fratura em galho verde

Study conducted at the Instituto Vita. A cannulated drill bit is introduced Fig.

Weiker 5 proposed that the wrists injuries of gymnasts are due to a weakness in the muscles of the wrist and fingers of the gymnasts. Minimal invasive percutaneous Herbert screw fixation in acute unstable scaphoid fracture.