Documentation. Spaces . Powered by a free Atlassian Confluence Open Source Project License granted to Evaluate. Welcome to the Sangoma Documentation site for all Sangoma Products. Feel free to browse our content and comment. If you would like to help contribute. We are going to walk through a simple and typical setup of FreePBX. It would be impossible to teach you through a single wiki how to configure.

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What are the GUI Modules?

Conferences are not enabled by default in the User Management module. You can also give a single user permission to view and manage other accounts. If you are not a SIPStation user, you can skip this section and go to the instructions for setting up an inbound route to an extension manually.

There are many other modules, and most are self-explanatory.

We may be able to help. To view the override status in the Time Conditions module: Please note, we try to keep these articles as up-to-date as possible, but your system may vary slightly from the procedures and screenshots shown here, based on the versions installed. Follow Me is now enabled for the extension, and calls will immediately begin flowing to the extension’s follow-me list unless you disable Follow Me.

End-User Documentation – FreePBX OpenSource Project – Documentation

Asterisk phone system operation end-user documentation Table of Contents. Your settings will be applied when the page reloads. This is called local conferencing and does not use a teleconference room. For example, here is how documentatioh would exclude Christmas Day from your time group: For example, a single IVR might lead to three different destinations with 4 being another IVR, which then gives a caller more choices.


Detailed instructions are found below. It needs to be enabled on the phone system before use please contact your phone system administrator for this.

If you are new to GIT please see our wiki for a general overview. You can also see and change the status of international calling, outbound fax, and SMS services. These passwords do not change the Root password used to login to the Linux command prompt! EndPoint Manager is a commercial module allowing you to configure over devices and change settings fredpbx a per-template basis from the GUI. Paging allows you to dial a group of phones that will auto-answer in speakerphone mode. Paging mode is a one-way documntation announcement to all or selected phones.

Many versions of Asterisk also require a restart for the new trunk hostnames to take affect.

Records are accessed through the user portal web site this is the same site that also provides web access to voicemail settings. It’s helpful if you have recorded the pronunciation of your name in your voicemail settings please see Voicemail for instructions so callers can hear your name spoken normally instead of hearing the phone system spell out your name letter-by-letter. You can set a global failover number here.

It causes the system to ignore the time group schedule until you cancel the override. Before configuring your IVR, you will need to set up system recordings that will give instructions to the caller. The following instructions apply to the Digium D This is what the user docummentation log in with. The system can be set up for as many conference session rooms as are needed. It is an alternative to setting up call forwarding above.

  ASTM E1742 PDF

Asterisk phone system operation end-user documentation

If you need to create one, please see our instructions for setting up an Freeepbx earlier in this page. You can replace those two with your own, if you prefer. See Feature Codes Module for more information.

Powered by Atlassian Confluence 6. If you go back to your extension list, you will see the box under FMFM checked with a green check mark. In the Line Keys section, select Type: Your announcement will be distributed to all the voice mailboxes in the “All Staff” voice mail blast group as soon as you hang up.

Please see the Voicemail section for a full description of how to use the voice mail system. Setup may vary between phone models. If you are not a SIPStation user, you can set up outbound routes manually as described in the instructions below. Our “Patched Welcome” issues are listed below. The modules are divided into several categories at the top of the GUI. You can stop here if you want Follow Me to remain active.