2/ ALPHA SERIES. Rotational Viscometer. Software Version: Instruction Manual. FUNGILAB S.A.. C/ Constitució, 64 – Nau 15 – Pol. Ind. Les Grases. Fisher Scientific – Fungilab Viscolead Pro Viscometer – Programmable viscometer that allows ramp and multistep experiments. Shop online for a wide selection of Fungilab Viscolead One Viscometer Measure relative and absolute viscosity.

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It comes with 2 Year Warrantee Program features: Time viscometdr torque, Time to stop, 10 working memories, Customizable option SpeedsProgrammable: Faster transfer data to the computer Rungilab How easily does the product dispense squeeze, pump or spray from the container? Yes, delete all documents Cancel. How does it look in its container on the store shelf? There are many reasons for making rheology measurements. Fungilab Master Series – Premium. Fungilab is the key company to give you all of the answers in Viscosity filed.

Find more suppliers in Mumbai Viscosity Instruments in Mumbai. Fungilab Master Series – Expert. Fungilab Viscometer Rs 2.

Fungilab Master Series – Alpha. You will find the pages you saved in this area again.


Tar Viscometer Multiple Apparatus. This action can not be undone. Thank you for your message. Please click “proceed” or “cancel” if you wish to remain on this website. Read more about Premium series. Get in Touch with us K Tek Analytics. Spain make Original Fungilab Viscometer is another quality product from our range of Essential viscosity measurement available at low price and higher accuracy.

How does it apply to a hard or soft surface, and remain on the surface? You will find the documents you saved in this area again.

Viscosity Testers in Mumbai. Unfortunately, no references matched your search criteria. Many products are non-Newtonian pseudoplastic fluids.

Business contacts Find a contact person to discuss opportunities to expand your business. Read more about Smart series.

Fungilab Viscometer

Viscosity testing as a function of shear rate, time, temperature. One of the objectives of Rheology Central is to quantify consumer perception of product attributes that are rheology driven. We complete comprehensive rheology studies of consumer properties specifically for correlation to consumer sensory studies. What can the strain sweeps and frequency sweeps tell us about your product?


Back to product overview. It checks the internal function in order to make the unit ready to use Viscosity Readings: In case your browser deletes cookies after a session, the information will be lost.

Are your products pseudoplastic, viscoelastic? Emulsions and other complex dispersions are frequently viscoelastic. Get best deals for coconut. You are now leaving our website. Read more about Expert series. And how does this relate to consumer product perceptions and preferences? Automatic Viscometer in Mumbai.

Viscometers – Fungilab Leading Viscosity Technology

Fungilab Viscoemter Series – Smart. This information is saved in a cookie. Do they exhibit time dependent shear effects such as thixotropy or rheopexy? Get Best Price Request a quote. Number of Employees Upto 10 People. Call Send a quick message.

funhilab Do you really want to delete all documents? Often, the objectives of rheology testing or viscosity testing are to identify and quantify rheological properties that correlate to consumer perceived product attributes.

Fungilab – Master Series.