The great Mahasidda Tilopa said to Naropa: “Mahamudra cannot be taught.” The most The great Ganges river is used as a metaphor to describe Mahamudra. – Buy The Life of Tilopa and the Ganges Mahamudra book online at best prices in India on Read The Life of Tilopa and the Ganges. Tilopa (–) was born in either Chativavo (Chittagong), Bengal or Jagora, Bengal in India . External links[edit]. An English translation of “The Ganges Mahamudra” · Several English translations of “The Ganges Mahamudra”.

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And one of the common features of all of these different ways is a sense of extraordinary openness and groundlessness of experience, which in Buddhism is often referred to as emptiness. What stamps all of experience? When there is no distraction, that is the king of meditations. Though we say that space is empty, the actual nature of this vacuity defies description.

So what happens if you just let it go? But there are certain indications that they moved along with the development of the Silk Road. Finally, all waters meet like a mother and her child. Space has neither color nor shape; It is changeless, it is not tinged by black or white. This book not only gives a gahges of Tilopa’s life and how he met his eight main students, but it also gives a detailed commentary on his most famous instructions on Mahamudra Meditation called the Ganges Mahamudra.

Do not stop or make up appearances, leave them in their own place. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to mauamudra the free Kindle App. Through the phenomena of doing, the actuality of nothing to be done is not realized.


The real vow of samaya is broken gannges thinking in terms of precepts. The frequent visits of his dakini teacher continued to guide his spiritual path and close the gap to enlightenment.

Ganges Mahamudra by Tilopa (translated by Lama Yeshe Gyamtso) – Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia

This page was last edited on 9 Septemberat Impermanent is this world. When there is neither hope nor fear, this is the King of Results. Whether it be what the mantra[yana] or the paramita[yana] say, The collections of the vinaya, the sutras, and so on, Or your own individual scriptures and philosophical systems, Through none of these will you see luminous Mahamudra.

In the mahamudrx, it is like the flowing of all rivers into the mother ocean, or it is like the meeting of mother and child of all the rivers. And one can really think of Europe in the middle-ages.

Ganges Mahamudra by Tilopa (translated by Lama Yeshe Gyamtso)

Though words are spoken to explain the Void, The Void as such can never be mahamudraa. Complete liberation from all conceptual extremes is the supreme monarch of views.

Foolish people who have no interest in this will only be continually carried off by the river of samsara. Please write feedback here Here you can read media articles about the Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia which have been published mahamhdra over the world.

Tumsal and nagkpa [sp? Now how do you let things go?

mahmaudra You hear this strange question on what does space depend and what depends on space. And the people who practiced this, really practiced in secret cults. Neither breathing in nor breathing out with the breath of habitual thinking, allow the mind to be at peace in brilliant wakefulness. Shambhala,p. The supreme Action Embraces great resourcefulness Without attachment.


And there are other parts of us that want to achieve something, so we subtly tried to make the experience better, work at it. Get to Know Us. You will be of long life, without white hairs, and flourish like the moon. Through conceptions, precepts and samayas fall away from the actual.

Can you recommend a book? The most majestic of practices is vast and deep without limit. Take this to heart, my worthy student. So Tilopa was a person who was very, very much in the tantric tradition. Rest in no beginning, with no self-interest or expectation.

Write a customer review. Slowly let it fall or send it down, coil it, turn it back, and lead it to its proper place. The effortless freedom of maamudra moves naturally along it.

Tilopa’s Mahamudra Teaching to Naropa

Thrangu Rinpoche is the foremost scholar of the Karma Kagyu lineage and only member to mahamuddra the highest Khenchen degree. The Tibetan is minot. The fruition is there when you are free from hope and fear. Space has gganges colour nor shape; changeless, it is not tinged by either white or black.

Although space has been designated “empty”, In reality it is inexpressible; Although the nature of mind is called “clear light”, Its every ascription is baseless verbal fiction.