About Us. Gavekal is a financial services company headquartered in Hong. Gavekal Research. Global macro/ markets research that identifies asset. Technology is at the heart of the US- China trade conflict. The US fears that.

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Because the United States buys so much from China, Washington has many more ways to hit Chinese manufacturers. Have you read these stories?


From this basic conceptual insight, Charles has spent recent years developing his own “Wicksellian” framework into a practical asset allocation tool that allows recession markers to be identified along with key thresholds that indicate gavekkal investors researcg be in, or out of risk assets. As Wicksell saw it, economic cycles tend to be driven by the spread between these two fundamental rates of interest. The rapid expansion of urban China is astonishing, but new policies gaveksl urgently needed to create healthier cities.

Gavekal Books Please find below, in chronological order, books written by Gavekal partners or analysts. Land reform has been essential to the success of Asian economies, giving a kick start to development by utilizing a large workforce and providing capital for growth.

The most difficult thing in the world when one lives one’s whole life in one place is to go on seeing one’s surroundings as for the first gavdkal. Knut Wicksell was a late nineteenth century Swedish economist who late in his career elucidated some wonderfully simple insights about the basic rates of interest that impact entrepreneurs, savers and borrowers in a market-based economy.

Japan was going to dominate, then China.

Complimentary seminars Our partners and analysts present at client seminars twice a year in New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris and Stockholm, and once a year in other cities. And undeniably, there are serious reasons to be concerned: The PBOC is just aiming to smooth volatility.


What Everyone Needs to Know is a concise, comprehensive introduction to the most astonishing economic growth story of the last three decades. Since late September, when crude hit ressarch highs, the Brent price has slumped It was published by Robert Laffont. Just as importantly, this very important change to the investment environment is not the only paradigm-shifting event that has occurred since we published Our Brave New World now out gavkeal print but available for free for Download from our website and The End Is Not Nigh.

We hire smart people and let them write what they think. But these natural human qualities are already being redirected to create a new version of the capitalist that will ultimately be more successful and productive than the one that collapsed in Since launching Gavekal in latewe have written a fair amount, and on a wide array of topics.

This chartbook covers gavwkal reasons for the decline in car sales, the rising burden of household debt, the effects of the income-tax cut, the prospects for consumption upgradingā€”and where all these trends are headed in Arthur has worked in Asia since tesearch, first as a financial journalist and then as gaveksl founder of Beijingbased Dragonomics, which merged with Gavekal in He is the founder of The China Economic Quarterly.

The service includes two to three notes each week, periodic chart books exploring major topics at length, and Deep China reports which delve into the ways China is changing the world through its rising technological, financial and geopolitical power Gavekal Fathom China is an investigative research unit focused on companies, industries and corporate situations in Agvekal. Index has fallen over 1 percent over the last three months. There is a Dickensian quality to Indian finance just now as banks struggle under bad debt piles and finance companies face a wholesale funding crunch after a recent high profile default.

Why China is researrch it can beat Trump in a trade war 6 Apr, reseaarch, Studwell’s in-depth analysis focuses on three main areas: The breath of the national security justification cited for this action escalates the US-China confrontation over technology to a new level. What, then, will replace the global capitalism that crumbled in the autumn of ?


About Us | Gavekal – Group Site

Scroll down to place your order via Amazon which will be delivered to you by regular post. The oil market was not impressed.

It is still possible that the US and China will strike a deal to avert threatened tariffs. Yet the capitalist system’s survival does not imply that the pre-crisis faith in the wisdom of financial markets and the efficiency of free enterprise will ever again be what it was before the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers on 15 September SinceGavekal has offered discerning investors the most creative research on global macroeconomics, financial markets, and asset allocation.

In this new book, we review both our concerns and the factors of growth around the world which contribute to our overall optimism. Nous sommes entres, depuis un certain temps deja, dans la troisieme grande revolution technologique que l’humanite ait connue. The fact that these people all around the world are communicating, and exchanging ideas and goods in a way that would have been deemed impossible just a few years ago also engenders tremendous growth.

Currently Out Of Resdarch. The pamphlet was a sleeper best-seller, selling just under 20, copies over a year in France. Let me be clear and to put it plainly: However, the rate of expansion has likely passed the high water mark for this cycle, argue Udith and Tom in this quarterly update. So how are Chinese exporters dealing with the prospect of a steep rise in tariffs come January?