sure to read also the instruction manual for the Soxtherm Manager SX PC! Observe On the basis of the C. Gerhardt conditions of warranty our products are. Gerhardt. Soxtherm – Automatic Rapid Extraction Systems. Modern Laboratory Management. dt has been known for dacades for manufac-. A rapid extraction system which runs fully automatically and can be operated without supervision with confidence. It provides an efficient high performance.

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It is fast, very versatile, can be upgraded easily at any time and provides the best analysis results reliably and consistently.

The device runs fully automatically and can be operated without supervision with confidence. Just insert the extraction beaker and let it verhardt The time your presence is required is reduced to a minimum.


The control software monitors and logs all processing and device data. The extraction processes in your laboratory are transparent, documented and traceable at all times.

Gerhardt Soxtherm Oilseed Extractor — Northern Crops Institute

The models can be used together in any desired combination. Up to four instruments can be controlled and monitored at the same time from a control unit PC or separate control device.

Gerhadt, is up to four times faster than the conventional Soxhlet extraction method. The solvent used can be almost entirely recovered.

All process parameters and safety parameters are automatically and seamlessly monitored. Its main areas of application are fat determination of foods and feed stuffs, and preparation of samples for residue analysis and environmental analysis.

Soxhlet / Fat Analysis

It delivers precise extraction results of the highest validity. Many companies in the textile industry either have their own test laboratory to check the quality and characteristics of their raw materials and final products or have them regularly tested by research institutes.


The Soxhlet extraction is a frequently used method to analyze certain fibers and additives We are pleased to help: Zoxtherm extraction system for solid-liquid extractions.

High standard of safety in the laboratory. Extremely versatile – fat extraction or sample preparation.

Processing Equipment

Valid quality of analysis. Wide range of applications in many industries. Extraction of coatings and finishes in textiles.