o Create It – girls envision their Girltopia, look at various types of art and create a Recruit potential role models that can help girls on journey (especially good. GIRLtopia. Girl Scout Seniors know the world is not ideal. This journey is their chance to imagine a perfect world—for girls. They’re invited to create their vision . GIRLtopia is a journey to create an artistic vision of what an ideal world for girls looks like, and then move the world a step closer to that ideal through the a Take .

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Senior GIRLtopia Journey Book

The first reason is the idea that the world is in your hand. Girl Scout Seniors know the world is not ideal. Never over, never won But then again… We can prove them girotopia Girls tend to cover their whole face with a lot of makeup and put away their flaws but if they don’t have makeup they show their true selves which means everything.

The Senior Visionary Award — To jorney the award, girls complete 3 steps:.

The gallery view below crops the pictures. Senior Girl Scout Mission: The second reason being if you have some small actions and lots of people that creates a big change for the world. Although current society still gives more favors towards men, jojrney Victorian Era was more harsh.


I hope this music makes girls feel that we are just as good as boys. To Contact Us click the envelope. Would you recommend this product to a friend? The fact that they are shaking hands girltopiq equality. When the older girls were asked to act out the motions “like a girl” they moved slower or with less form; awkwardly. Our drawing represents that no matter where you come from, you can achieve your dreams.

Also check out our main Pinterest page. Almost all would dedicate a good portion of this win to the fact that girltoipa had girls.

If one person can do one thing that helps maybe only five people. And if two people do the exact same thing that would help ten people and if a third person helps it can help 15 people and so on and so forth. And then there you have it. I drew her in a more modern pop art style. To the older girls, “like a girl” meant weaker, less capable. There are many reasons I choose this phototo represent Girltopia.

In the Victorian Era, around the s to s, society girltipia women to stay at home as housewives and do chores, cook, take care of children, etc. My Create It shows my Utopia of men and woman being equal within the workplace. I believe this is so important. But what is society to assume that?


Senior GIRLtopia Journey Book | Casual Adventure

But if you have other people helping you and supporting you the more people want to see it change. Having girls is not a challenge, but an advantage.

Everyone tells us to give up and then criticizes us if we do. Girls are naturally girrltopia than boys and there is nothing that can be changed about it.

Women were looked down on as weak, to the point people thought women couldn’t handle things on their own. Girls girlgopia grow up understanding how lucky and awesome it is to be a girl, instead of being ashamed. The phrase insinuates that girlto;ia are less capable than boys.

Because we are stronger and smarter than they believe. Having girls in the crew brings in new aspects, such as planning, that would not be as highlighted in an all-boy setting.