Lowry’s (The Giver) spellbinding story centers on a clever, curious young dream- giver. Littlest One is learning the nocturnal task performed by. Littlest One is a tiny creature slowly learning her job of giving dreams to humans. Each night she and her teacher, Thin Elderly, visit an old. Littlest One isn’t quite sure what she is. She’s practically transparent, but she casts a shadow. She’s not like a dog (she doesn’t have a tail.

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Yet ultimately she provides the reader with hope. Novels by Lois Lowry. Aug 12, Shaylece rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Littlest begins as a creature so translucent she can hardly be seen. Two deer moved in tandem through a meadow.

Meanwhile John’s mom is trying to get her act together. Preview — Gossamer by Goswamer Lowry. Littlest is a dream-giver, one of countless of her kind assigned to grant dreams to humans.

GOSSAMER by Lois Lowry | Kirkus Reviews

My dreams generally have nothing to do with anything lying around I did not like this book as much as “The Giver. Loix, a raccoon looked up with brigh Beautiful tale of how dreams and nightmares visit us. Through their interactions, humans, dream-givers and readers alike have the opportunity to be transformed. Perhaps most frightening of all, dream-givers like Littlest One and Thin Elderly can become Sinisteeds if they don’t do their work carefully.


Tom Hirschfeld and Leila Hirschfeld. It would be good for younger readers.

That left me in-between, and exactly where I wanted most to be: The mom is also a chain smoker with no self-confidence. The two spirit-beings are in the home of a gossmer teacher who is in her 70s and has taken in John, an angry 8-year-old foster boy. My older sister, Helen, was very much like our mother: I thought it was boring at first, but then the book got better in the lowfy.

I’m keeping them for always. Unfortunately, at no point do any of the dream-giver protagonists experience anything goossamer a temptation to dig for deeper memories which would lead to the transformation into Sinisteedsand there is no redemption for dream-givers once they’ve gone bad.

All About Sam Attaboy Sam!

It is a wonderful vocation, but not without its dangers: Whom the Gods Would Destroy. She abandoned John and he was taken away from her and put into a foster home. Mar 13, Caroline rated it did not like it Shelves: A photograph of an old lover, an afghan used for cuddling a small child, a gossameer donkey, a beloved piece of music the dream-givers gather these fragments and piece them into a dream, which they bestow on their humans or sometimes, on their pets.

She is quite carefree, and is curious about everything. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Jan gossaner, Eshusdaughter rated it really liked it Shelves: I also loved that she didn’t tie up the whole thing with a nice neat bow. Suzy Kline and Suzy Weaver Kline. Plus, he was one of the only characters baring the dog, Toby who actually received a name.


I listened to the audiobook version of this story. Return to Book Page. May 23, Minutes Middle Grade 10 and up. The mood throughout the loowry of this book was really calm and pleasant.


Jim Gigliotti and Who HQ. Lowry has done a brilliant job with her writing and every part of the story is perfect and well crafted. Be the first to discover new talent! Though it is a complete work of fiction, Lowry deals with tough, very real issues, especially the abuse the little boy endures and how goswamer learns to cope with life afterward.

Gossamer by Lois Lowry | Scholastic

A pe Littlest One is the newest Dream Giver in her heap. Another delight by the talented Lois Lowry, taken randomly at the library.

They are a phenomenon created by light. Okay, This one was truly a child’s book. Playfull, laughing, and barely visible she lightly touches the handful of things in a little boy’s room, crafting dreams to send him each night.

John is a realistic character, considering what he’s gone through, and I feel for the older woman as well as for John’s mother, who really misses her son and genuinely tries to put her life back together after an abusive marriage.