Guasa Therapy can help pinpoint health problems in your body. It helps to remove toxins from your body and promotes the blood circulation. Gua sha (Chinese: 刮痧) is a traditional Chinese medical treatment in which the skin is scraped to produce light petechiae. Practitioners believe that gua sha. Importer of Guasa Therapy – Aro Guasa Oil, Guasa Board offered by Solutions Company, Ludhiana, Punjab.

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Guasa Therapy – Aro Guasa Oil Importer from Ludhiana

People can take an over-the-counter painkiller, such as ibuprofen, to help with pain and reduce swelling. Cancer cannot survive where oxygen is plentiful.

Never perform the therapy on the breasts and the belly button. What are the benefits of gua sha?

Turns out carbs alone can’t be faulted for any weight issues – it’s the combination of how and what you…. Gua sha aims to move this blocked energy to relieve aches or stiffness. Patients with diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and liver disease should be careful receiving the therapy, or should not receive the therapy at all. The technician applies massage oil to your skin, and then uses the tool to repeatedly scrape your skin in a downward motion.

This action causes light bruising, which often appears as purple or red spots known as petechiae or sha. Behavioral Science – Board Review Series. In one studya year-old woman living with chronic headaches received gua sha over a day period. To determine the effectiveness of this therapy, 48 study participants were split into two groups. Menopause24 3— This could suggest that the treatment speeds up muscle recovery.

Gua sha: What you need to know

Here’s what to expect from these two popular types of massage and things to consider when choosing between a Swedish massage or a deep tissue massage. Massage Therapy for Depression Massage therapy can help relieve physical aches and pains and guaas your mood. Protective measurements against infectious agents that are recommended include the single use of thherapy devices, sterilization of re-used equipment and glove use.


Applying an ice pack can help to reduce inflammation and ease any pain. Cautions of Guasa therapy 1. A Cross-Sectional Survey Study”. Gua sha is the practice of using a tool to apply pressure and scrape the skin to relieve pain and tension.

These are indications of the immune system or the white blood cells working. Guasa therapy through various meridian paths stimulates blood circulation, excretes toxins through the pores, reduces fever, removes any toxins of internal organs, promotes blood circulation and relaxes muscle tension, muscle numbness, or cramps, improve scar appearances and bruising, etc.

Massage therapy can help relieve physical aches and pains and improve your mood. Article last reviewed by Sat 23 December Your Anxiety Loves Sugar. Small injuries to the body, such as the bruises caused by gua sha, are sometimes known as microtrauma.

Understanding Gua Sha: Benefits and Side Effects

Gua sha is most often used to relieve muscle and joint pain. One group was given gua sha and ugasa other used a thermal heating pad to treat neck pain.

He was even given food supplement also. The name gua sha — pronounced gwahshah — comes from the Chinese word for scraping. Seniors who are physically weak, patients with chronic diseases, patients who have just recovered from an illness, or patients with an edema condition should be careful receiving the therapy, or should not receive the therapy at all.

Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine: According to traditional Chinese medicine, qi or chi is energy that flows through the body.

This technique may appear straightforward and simple, but it should only be performed by a licensed acupuncturist or practitioner of Chinese medicine. Fringe medicine and science. Massage Therapy for Depression.

Gua sha – Wikipedia

Using a tool instead of the hands during a massage allows a physiotherapist to apply more pressure. Traditionally, a spoon or coin would be used to scrape the skin, but in modern practice, therapists use a small, hand-held tool with rounded edges. More evidence is needed therapyy confirm whether gua sha is an effective treatment.


Inflammation is the underlying cause of several conditions associated with chronic pain. Cost was unbearable as he was driver. Take a rest for minutes in order to reboost your energy, dry the sweat from your body, avoid exposure to wind, do not eat spicy foods, such as sour or spicy foods, fat foods, or foods that are difficult to digest. Privacy Terms Ad policy Careers.

Researchers have carried out small studies on the following groups of people to see if gua sha works:. Gua sha tools are often weighted to help the practitioner tberapy is doing the procedure to apply pressure.

Health fuasa practitioners in hospitals in Orange County, California, routinely see evidence of coining among hospitalized Vietnamese patients. He was given gua sha, and after 48 hours tehrapy treatment he experienced a decline in liver enzymes.

The treatment does not have any serious side effects but is not suitable for those with certain medical conditions. Learn more about how it works. Gua sha may help to break down scar tissue and connective tissue, improving movement in the joints.

Guasa, a well-known traditional Chinese therapy, works in principle with acupressure and finger massage by employing the power of touch with a Guasa Board, which works on skin, blood, nervous and lymphatic systems to boost circulation and strengthen the body. Guasa therapy has been theraoy by various researches of gyasa medicine that it can promote youthfulness and beauty, such as reducing facial blemishes, losing weight, as well as improve the immune system and enhance blood circulation.

Gua sha is sometimes referred to as “scraping”, “spooning” or “coining” by English speakers.