DOWNLOAD GUNWITCH METHOD gunwitch method pdf & Repairing Notebook, Palmtop, & Pen Computers: A Technician’s Guide – · Comment. Gunwitch has been in the community and a teacher since the days of MASF, The Game, Mystery, and. His method, dubbed “Gunwitch Method,” is incredibly powerful, centered around the use . The Ultimate Guide on How to Get a Girl Back. Gunwitch method guide Snippets, Search Engines and Repositories This is not the manufacturer original CD or a copy of it.

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Since biblical times, women have been gunwithc by society that this is wrong though. By becoming attractive it was easier for me to learn how to convey that I was.

Everything you need to know to become a huge success with women. They made it easier – less testing, less flake outs, and less overall resistance to my sexing them.

You are branded a sexual being, boyfriend material, sexual guhwitch, IF the requisite physical attraction is there. See that was bragging and it was kinda lame huh? I think it actually has been posted a few times.

You were in “sexual state” at that point. In public this isn’t so easy, they will think you are weird if they catch you watching them. Eternal Master Don Juan Jan 26, They don’t hide their sexuality and they persist where other men tuck tail and run.

Its like how knowing there are vitamins A, C, D in a fruit, and taking those things out and using them in a pill, doesn’t give you all of the undiscovered things that are inside a fruit that may be beneficial.

Maybe give you ultimate success with metnod maybe save you from reading any further and wasting your time.

She comes over and lays her head on your lap. The “bedroom eyes” are something you will need to convey during the encounter, since you want her to develop them as well, as she gets more and more comfortable with you and begins to mirror your actions and “vibe”.

Added to the DJB.

Gunwitch method. THE way to get LAID. | SoSuave Discussion Forum

You want to convey the sexual state, but you don’t wanna break her state either. Things had not been this way in the human mating ritual prior to the last years. Joined Jun 29, Messages 1, Likes 0 Age If so then you need to A.


One thing ill mention here. If on all you had stayed there after you approached, conveyed your sexual state, waited for her to go into sexual state, and then isolated her, you would have only approached 50 tops the whole month as you would have been to preoccupied in bed with 10 of those 50, avoiding another approaches.

Read section 2 again. I think the basic message to all of this is a simple one that has been said here again and again – be confident, know what you want, and go get it.

The simple act of going on a date immediately puts her social conditioning into play HEAVY and the “make him wait” dynamic is introduced.

Any fear of doing so must be quelled by the realization that she wants sex just as fuide as you do, though maybe not with you, and that the way society is structured it is YOUR job to initiate the encounter and find out. Imagine being alone in a room, with an ugly or mediocre gynwitch. Introduce yourself at some point with your FULL name, first and last.

If you want and desire new, exciting, frequent sexual experiences with different fresh women then read on. At home after you get her laying with you or sitting on your lap ect, you start to touch her even more at this point, stroking her hair saying it smells nice HER HAIR YOU PERVSyou then get a good eye contact going and go in for a kiss, give her a gide light kiss with no tongue at first, keep this going until things progress to French kissing, give a good 30 minutes of foreplay to get her REALLY turned on so that she gulde give last minute resistance.

This is STILL paying for sex, just in a more effective though more time consuming way than other standard suck up tactics. Don’t obsess on these small details, but gunwigch you can remember to work it into your convo, great. Proper eye contact with a woman is an important piece of your sexual state.

Read Bruce Lees Tao of Jeet Kune Do for an understanding of not focusing on specific technique but rather on overall strategy that encompasses several techniques. You cannot have sex with women in public or in front of people with any consistency. Tough slog for that though. Following this method will set boundaries that will last. It will go WITH her social conditioning rather than busting through it and getting to the natural gubwitch who likes sex.


Gunwitch method. THE way to get LAID.

Because deep inside her brain, sexual desire has nothing to do with what you LOOK like Effort scale amount of women approached and overall drive to ensure sex with them: So long as its not at the expense of breaking your sexual state, and failing to convey that to her. To explain, gunwitchh 1 total point for every 2 points on the scale, for what you can get with maximum effort.

This isn’t integral to the system just some advice I’d like to dispense, which you may find useful in dealing with women. You soften your voice, you deepen your voice, you speak slower and with mefhod inflection of optimism and kindness. Or, if meyhod got balls of steel, sit down and try it out.

The keys to recognizing her sexual state coming to be are again something difficult to explain but EASY to recognize. Im guessing at school is a bad place to use this method. Beta inferior less attractive males who happened to be intellectually superior set up misogynistic arranged marriages, barter systems for financial ownership of wives, religious persecution and moral persecution guise women who enjoyed sex with the alpha superior more attractive males, as a means of being able to secure sex for themselves with no alpha competition.

When was the last time you complimented a woman?

What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Your initial state when seeing women you want is very important: It is a waste of time and energy to brag, as everyone can see it when someone does it, and takes the claims made as lies, even if they are true. She smiles, comes up, and kisses you. Those 3 things are all I take out into the field at a conscious level. I simply mean your state of mind, the feelings in your body, and the overall YOU at any given moment.

Didn’t think so, unless it was to PAY him for something. ALWAYS do this as soon as you see a woman you find attractive and eventually the state you will go into when seeing a woman will be one of —sexual- state, rather than panic or fear of meeting her.