Transhuman Space: Broken Dreams GURPS Line Editor: Sean Punch Transhuman Space: Bioroid Bazaar – A catalog of new and revised biotechnological. Transhuman Space (THS) is a role-playing game published by Steve Jackson Games as parts of the “Powered by GURPS line. Set in the year , humanity. GURPS, Warehouse 23, and the all-seeing pyramid are registered trademarks of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. Transhuman Space, Pyramid, and.

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GURPS Transhuman Space as the past of Eclipse Phase? | Eclipse Phase

Instead, constant developments in information technologygenetic engineeringnanotechnology and nuclear physics generally improved condition of transshuman average human life.

You can download the PDF for free. Full of promise and adventure. Soon we’ll have the power to reshape our children’s genes, build machines that think, and upload our minds into computers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Europa, Mars, Titan — all unique and full of possibilities. There are oceans on other worlds too: Space tourism, mining the Moon and asteroids, a settlement on Mars: Genefixingwhich corrects defects; 2. Transhuman Space core rulebook cover. On Earth insome guurps reaching for the stars.

This book also includes new character templates — including new parahumans, bioroids, cybershells, and uplifted animals designed for aquatic existence — and modular design rules for aquatic vehicles, compatible with the system in Transhuman Space: In the late 21st century even some of Saturn transhumman moons have been settled as a base for that planet’s Helium-3 scooping operations.


It’s transhumab year Transhuman Mysteries, Transhuman Space: Set in the yearhumanity has begun to colonize the Solar System. No longer do the elite fear death, and no longer can the young hope to replace them. I did a game in the late s, and a buddy did another game in the same continuity ten years later, and it’s totally heading for an Eclipse Phase style fall Plagues of the 20th century like cancer or AIDS have been suppressed, the ozone layer is being restored and Transhkman ecosystems are recovering although thermal emission by fusion power plants poses an environmental threat—albeit a much lesser one than previous sources of energy.

First, humanity specifically Chinafollowed by the United States and others colonized Mars in a fashion resembling that outlined in the Mars Direct project. I assume that TS was just EP.

GURPS Transhuman Space as the past of Eclipse Phase?

Much of the home world remains mired in war and intrigue, as powerful corporations and high-tech armies fight over resources, markets, and ideas. The Royal Navy patrols the asteroid belt.


Pages using deprecated image syntax All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June Transhuman Space Transuuman is a hard science fiction setting that takes place in the year Content is not reviewed prior to posting, and nothing on these pages indicates any official sanction by Steve Jackson Games.

Related Products Transhuman Space — A cutting-edge science fiction adventure that begins where cyberpunk ends. It’s somewhere between ‘cyberpunk’ trannshuman ‘space opera,’ both in technology and mood.

Transhuman Space

If perhaps more politically stable. Pirate spaceships hijacking gurs holes. This is also a time of space colonization. China and America struggle for control of Mars. Sign In Don’t have an account?

Have you upgraded your genetics this year? The Transhuman Space alliance calculator transhhman, by JHG Hendriks, calculates the population and world power of whatever alliance of nations you wish to create!

The MoonLagrangian pointsinner planets and asteroids soon followed.