Hakkoryu Jujutsu & Koho Shiatsu Igaku, Saitama-shi, Saitama, Japan. likes · 32 talking about this. Hakkoryu Jujutsu & Koho Shiatsu Igaku. Although Hakko Ryu Jujutsu was founded in , it inherits a century-old legacy of classical bujutsu (warrior arts) used by the samurai of feudal Japan. Hakko. Between and , a series of articles were published in the Japanese martial arts journal Hiden, which introduced our Hakkoryu Jujutsu to its readers.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nidai Soke Okuyama Jujustu now directs and has total authority over all Japanese dojo as well as branch organizations in several countries. Hakkoryu So Hombu Dojo. These invitations are difficult to obtain and letters of recommendation must be sent to Nidai Soke from Hakkoryu Shihan in good standing in order to even be considered. For more information on Hakkoryu Jujutsu, please junutsu the official Hakkoryu Hombu Dojo English websiteand in particular the Library section for further writings:.

After Yondan the system uses the older Koryu Menkyo licenses.

The introduction of Gensoku through Kihon Waza follows a rational order where subsequent principles build onto previous ones, developing into a cohesive whole. Namikoshi was later to establish the now famous Ahkkoryu Shiatsu School in Tokyo.


An Alternative to Kick-Punch Annihilation”. His artwork is always on display in the garden at the entrance to Hombu Dojo and can be seen during all seasons from the medical clinic. During this period in the mountains of Haguro, Shodai Soke diligently studied, and continued to sharpen the techniques of Hakkoryu Jujutsu and Koho Shiatsu.

The old concept that it is preferable to train a few hand-selected students well rather than many anonymous students not so well continues.

Overview and History of Hakkoryu Jujutsu – Hakkoryu Jujutsu

On numerous occasions, he has appeared on national television as well as in popular publications concerning medicine and health. For advanced training, Hakkoryu continues to use the Menkyo Licensing system, long a part of traditional Japanese bujutsu koryu. Koho Shiatsu While Hakkoryu applies pressure techniques on Keiraku to defend oneself or pin down an opponent when one is being attacked, applying pressure techniques on Keiraku is also the essential theory of Koho Shiatsu.

Its throws are similar to those of aikido rather than jujutsu or judo. In Hakkoryu, gentle, swift, and efficient maneuvers reign supreme over hardness, strength and body size. The transmission is given to the eldest male child of the family whenever feasible. Muscular strength is not required in Hakkoryu. As a student of Hakko-Ryu you can trace the origins of your art as far back as the eight Centaury A. Views Read Edit View history.

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Hakko Ryu was founded in by Okuyama Ryuho. The Taikai near Juuutsu, Massachusetts USA was a resounding success in every way, and thanks to all for participation, friendship, love.

Once a disciple can grasp and unconsciously practice this concept, progress becomes rapid. Mastering the Omote is not to be rushed, for inevitably the resulting damage will make itself evident.

Hakkoryu Jujutsu

He gives basic and advanced seminars on Hakkoryu Koho Shiatsu at Hombu Dojo and around Japan and treats difficult patients with special conditions, often traveling ha,koryu visit the homes of those who are bedridden. Currently there are Hikawa Jinja in Japan.

They are as follows: He also was engaged in many public lectures within the city. Fraudulent Claims By Outsiders Outside of Japan there are various individuals and organizations that claim hakkory teach or have affiliation with Hakkoryu. See the weekend Taikai schedule here. Hakkoryu is an internationally registered trademark. A student must be invited by Okuyama to train with him in the upper waza. Please see change in event location.

Nidai Soke is the only individual authorized to provide such advanced training and to bestow Menkyo licenses.