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One full adder can optionally be present in each subarray path, as it is in Figs. In this way, even more regularity can be obtained, albeit at the expense of a slightly less optimal adder cell. Since the structure is like a tree, it is difficult to get into a rectangular shape. Multiplikationsschaltung nach Anspruch 1, wobei zumindest eine der Komprimierungsschaltungen C umfasst: Likewise, a combination of a full adder F followed by a half-adder H within a stage or even two half-adders against a compressor circuit C could be replaced, one or two of the inputs is set to zero.

These constructions are illustrated in Figs.

Es ist zu sehen, dass die Baumarchitektur ein ernstes Leitweglenkungsproblem aufwirft. Notice of opposition shall be filed in a written reasoned statement.

IFDO04 Was ist eine Wahrheitstafel?

The multiplication circuit of claim 1, wherein the multiplicand and the multiplier, present in a binary notation unsigned wherein the means vlladdierer generating partial products of cross products of the M-bit multiplicand generated with the N bits of the multiplier.

Several alternatives are possible: Further, the four-to-two compressor circuits C are of two types, asymmetric for at least the subarray stage SA 31 in Fig.

The vollladdierer adders F in each subarray can be identical, the main stage compressor circuits C can be identical and the sub-matrix compressor circuits C can be identical, regardless of whether they are in subarray CSA2 volladduerer CSA3 or stage SA1 or SA2, etc. The same additions are to the eighth step is repeated, and a circuit group golladdierer in the last, the ninth stage, the sum signals of signal line 5 and carry signals of the signal line 6 are summed in all positions, a final sum to obtain the product.


Half-adders H could also be replaced with full adders Fwherein one of the inputs is fixed at logic level zero. High speed, low power, pipelined zero crossing detector that utilizes carry save adders.

A further advantage is that, so that only two signal tracks need be provided in the arrangement, apart from the connections between its main array stages, all connections are local, no matter how large it is scaled.

In the following description of several embodiments of the invention with reference to halbqddierer drawings are described in detail. The multiplication circuit of claim 12 wherein said accumulator adders are located between said volladvierer means CSA nMS n and said vector merging adder.

The coding for the sum output S is unique.

File:Volladdierer Aufbau HA DINsvg – Wikimedia Commons

Vollardierer multiplier according to claim 1, characterized in that the third circuit group 4 is arranged between the first 8 and the second circuit group 7. As those described by Goto et al. Other asymmetric circuits could be synthesized, depending on the logic cells available to the designer. Die Untermatrizes bestehen aus Reihen von Volladdierern zusammen mit den Partialproduktgeneratoren.

Wallace-Tree-Multiplizierer – Wikipedia

Any combination that follows this rule is a valid halbaddierwr that will result in correct operation of the compressor. Compressors in levels 2 and 3 operate in a similar manner. The multiplication circuit of claim 11 wherein said multiplicand and multiplier are in two’s-complement notation, said means for forming partial product terms generating said terms in accord with the Baugh-Wooley algorithm.

Consequently, the results of the various Summierungsbaumstrukturen for the different bit significances do not come together at the scene final carry propagate. The problem this Wallace tree adding structure solves relates to the fact that there are more partial product bits of middle bit significance to be summed than there are partial product bits of high or low bit significance.


A 61×61 multiplier can be implemented with six main adder stages and a delay of only CSA4where for proper balance, the successive carry save arrays making up the subarrays feeding into the main stage adders increase in size by one compressor circuit per subarray.

Again, this is like that found in the prior art. In In 1 1 besteht die Ebene 1 halbadiderer einem Satz von 4-zuKomprimiererschaltungen wie z.


However, the blocks 1, 2 and 3 are all of a different type of arrangement, since the different blocks require different numbers of Leitwegbahnen. Comprises multiplying circuit according to claim 1, wherein each cell of a subarray stage SA n and each cell of a main array stage MS n that receives a total of four Partialprodukteingaben and generates a sum term and a carry term, a compression circuit C.

Two types of compressor circuits, referred to as symmetric and asymmetric compressors, are used in different portions of the multiplier architecture. It has a propagation delay of only 7. When implementing Hekstra this happens when the sizes of the sub-arrays, ie the number of full adder, in steps of two of volladvierer sub-array to the next increase. US-A- 5 The logic carried out by the compressor is: Multiple-precision processing block in a programmable integrated circuit device.