HARDINGE BROTHERS, INC. ELMIRA check the part description to make certain the assembly and/or individual part applies to your machine. .. Bed. 2. Screw. 2. Washer. Front Screw. Lock Washer. 6. 14 D V. 0 0 1 0 2 1 4. D V B 0 0 0 9 7 7 6. 0 5 5 0 3 0 5. N 3 7 0 0 0 0 7 3 6. 5 p. 0 0 0 6 4 3. HARDINGE DV59 DSM59 Lathe Part Manual DV DSM [Misc.] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Number of Pages: 15 This is a. DV59 Precision Lathe and DSM This is a reproduction, not a photocopy, of an original Hardinge DV59 Precision Lathe and DSM59 Second Operation.

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Results 25 to 36 of KTP, On my end it was put to sleep for a bit and about to be woke kanual up. In retail sales December is my busiest month only to roll around to all the end of year necessities of starting the next. Had some delay in getting a reasonably straight piece of steel, it is still on the mill waiting for some truing up for the rails and the area where it will bolt to the DV lathe body.

I do have the carriage blocks drawn up and tool paths for when they maanual machined. This unit came with the mechinical variable speed but will be run with a VFD so the speed can be controlled through gcode.

Not sure how that is done but it seems it can be. Thanks Neatman, I might trade or buy that collet closer from you. Mine actually has the bar with manyal wheel that goes through the spindle and screws onto the collet, but it is missing the entire lever arm assembly. The only way I can tighten collets now is to grab that handwheel and pull the collet in via it’s threads a pain.

Will watch both of your conversions closely, so I don’t make the same mistakes! I am new to this forum. A few details first: To learn and have the basic insight of CNC Project: Stainless Steel Size of Components: I propose to complete this project in two harxinge Phase I I will keep the head and spindle of the DV 59 lathe as it xv-59, driven by 1 HP induction motor.

The bed of this lathe is having a longitudinal slot in the middle of the bed and chamfers through out the length. The existing Hardinge cross slide can be moved and fixed on the bed of lathe. Due to the size of this slide, I do not like to modify this slide but intend to proceed as follows: Remove both the lead screws and replace with rolled ball screws and two nuts on each screw. The guide ways of the cross table slides will be scraped and improved upon as required, to a reasonable condition.

Stepper motors will be mounted on both axis of the table, directly coupled to the ball screws if space permits, or else through timing belt and pulleys. The torque of motors will be decided depending on the condition of table. The manuaal is to be mounted on the lathe bed and fixed to the bed so that the cross slide – 7.


The above arrangement will give sufficient place on the longitudinal slide of the table to mount three or four tools and possibility of hardingd a live tool also.

Initially the setup will be tried for drilling, boring, turning and facing operations only, with the spindle running with the existing arrangement of induction motor drive. The spindle axis is at 4. So for initial trials the tools will have to be mounted in special tool holders to match the spindle axis. Alternately depending on the dimensions of the longitudinal table, holes can be drilled and reamed in the side of the table so that the tool mounting arrangement is similar to the Hardinge turret tool mounting system.

Phase II On successful completion and testing of the above, I will proceed to raise the height of the spindle head by providing spacer on the bed and the spindle will be driven by a servo motor of suitable power. This will enable to cut threads and provide full CNC capability. I invite your comments and suggestions on this project and specifically would like to know: Welcome rrossey, A couple of quick issues, The V-Way on these are bolted to the bed, these bolts are only about 1.

These V-ways are also harder then the gates of hades, not going to slot easily with conventional means. There is also a full length rib down the center of the bed about 1.

The above makes it not impossible but difficult to use as is. I like the simple approach that you are planning, I am trying very hardlnge to keep mine on a simple approach but I do tend to complicate matters with too much thinking, most of it wasteful I think it is hard to go wrong with hardijge although many people use the steppers, I believe, but not positive, that they can be mixed using MACH3.

Will you be using MACH3?

Hardinge Dv59 Dsm59 Lathe Part Manual Dv-59 Dsm-59 0334

When you get things going be sure and post some pictures, perhaps even start your own thread of your conversion would be a good idea so this one does not get all confusing to follow for others that are interested in doing the same manua.

We bought 3 of the Hardinge DVs and I’ m looking for parts to get them setup and cnc conversion options out there.

Read over relative threads, not just this one but others here as well and then you will be in a better position to begin how best to accomplish the conversion. For components I am sure you know that eBay rules, unless you can afford to purchase them from a distributor.


Hardinge DV Manufacturing & Metalworking | eBay

Those of us that are converting on this thread will, I am sure, be posting a we progress. If you have specific manul, someone will likely be able help. I propose to use Mach 3.

I also feel the servos will be a better way to go, but a final evaluation is yet to be done. Thanks Ken for the suggestion to start a new thread. It is a good idea to rv-59 on one particular project. I will be starting a new thread in a couple of days after completing a concept drawing to go along with it.

I think another fellow has the same style as you, Hardings have been surprised with how many different variations there are and they are all called DV although probably different version numbers.

I was creating the tool-paths today to drill and tap for the mounting of the THK rails and the bed to the lathe body, I was also very surprised how inconsistent the spacing was on the 18 holes mamual originally secured the V-Way.

After I get the lathe working and everything trued up as best I can then I will drill through the bed and lathe body and insert some precision maanual pins at each end. From everything I read the only draw back to servos is that they can cost more then steppers. I will be looking forward to following your conversion.

I need tailstocks as my purchase. I’ll be glad to help in any way possible, we build specialty machinery and several CNC machines; mills, turret press, routers and brakes. Roy, Here are a couple I found on eBay. Update, Ok, the 12″x36″x1″ plate that was purchased I am just manuql happy with, too much warp and bow. If my mill had sufficient travel to mill flat and parallel in one operation the relief for the THK rails and lathe body I would probably still use it.

On Monday I am going to search around for a Blanchard ground plate and just bite the bullet on the cost, or try too. My idea hardingr what I will be using for the carriage vv-59 drawn up along with the bed, if any one wants a copy let me know the format and email address and I will send it to you. Note that these drawings have change numerous times so even these may not be the last, however for my first attempt at this conversion these should be it.

I may later make the truck pads to the top carriage plate a one piece unit. Right now I have the nardinge to complete only using multiple components. The time now is IndustryArena uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.