Full text of “Hideous Gnosis Black Metal Theory Symposium I” —Nicola Masciandaro 1 Copyrighted material HIDEOUS GNOSIS The great luxury of the genre. Hideous Gnosis: Black Metal Theory Symposium () ed. by Nicola Masciandaro. Ben Ratliff of The New York Times reports that “Hideous Gnosis”, a six-hour theory symposium on black-metal music, was held this past.

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The Music of the Absolute What does the absolute sound like?

Neither saccharine nor ironic, concerned neither with ineffable truth nor the all-too-obvious. This is the amusic of black metal: We are committed to striving eternally, living a sort of permanent revolution. We participate in intensity because we are not sentimental and we know that death comes.

Black Metal Theory: Hideous Gnosis is Here

I find more the feeling of shock that this man evokes in me bladk. There is in fact only one indivisible and eternal Reality and it has neither beginning nor end. The soil is tilled No building up of some secure identity: It is precisely because there is nothing within the One that all things are from it: The Hyperborean realm is a land that is fallow because it lacks periodicity. Hyperborean Black Metal is the culmination of the history of extreme metal which is itself the culmination of the history of the Death of God.

State University of New York Press, Is music nature as opposed to spirit? A single, shining Culture which is True, Good, and Beautiful. A genre that has indeed some depth to it, but is always regarded as the retarded kid of the musical family.


The initial whim is completely independent of reason, inteUect or imagination, all of which are by-products of this whim This whim of the Infinte is in a way comparable to an infinite question, calling forth an infinite answer” Meher Baba, “The Whim from Beyond,” Beams, Given that this so- called instinct ‘comes’ in the form of music, it should more accurately be called a drive.

Hideous Gnosis: Black Metal Theory Symposium 1 by Nicola Masciandaro

Admittedly, there is some irony in analyzing a northern, pagan cultural movement in this way. For symposum love of black metal we side with ‘the great adversary’ of existence Nortt, in Stosuy, Continuum, The antichrist, in the form of an anteater affirms that ‘ When one god proclaimed himself unique, all the other gods died of laughter P Reborn in the breath of this laughter the million godlike hands find themselves again with something holy to burn, as the black metal circle turns eternally in a clamour for being that unfolds a process of becoming as infinite non-self-identical multiplicity beyond all figures of unity or of the One.

Friedrich Nietzsche im, Welcome to my sacrifice Bathory, ‘Sacrifice’ By knowledge I do not just mean the knowledge produced through the work of philosophy or academic discourse, or discourse per se, that is, the locus of a social bond; nor am I referring simply to the esoteric gnosls located gnosiz arcane texts and objects; nor do I mean the savoir Jaire, the know-how, of the musicians, the in competence that produces black metal’s magnificent yet hellish racket.

Syymposium addition, there is also a withdrawn real tree or something that we mistake for one lying outside the intention, but able to affect it along avenues still unknown.

Hideous Gnosis is publicity for a few serious thinkers and their Internet associates.

Spirit is here, but it is a tainted breath. The symbol of its birth is the Death of Dead. Benjamin,” chapter 4 of Jlie End gnosls Art: Evan Galder Williams has given this type of argument a more Marxist inflection: The America that represents the apocalyptic humanism of William Blake.


By hideouss life, Transcendental Black Metal affirms life. The real termination of the evolutionary process is called Mahapralaya or the final annihilation of the world, when the world becomes what it was in the beginning, namely nothing.

Hideous Gnosis: Black Metal Theory Symposium 1

After all, what is truly revelatory to many devoted listeners of any given genre emerges from the moments of possible divergence from these predetermined regulations of sound. In fact, it could be said that for much death metal whose chief preoccupation lays in gore-mongering, that the body itself is gosis host of speculative pathways, a possibility zone of great threat.

Even so, such an aspiration is familiar from Western philosophical theory generally, at least since Romanticism, wherein music is attributed with meaning and significance beyond language, an attribution precisely correlated to the degree to which music is also regarded as deficient, purely imaginary, devoid of theory, vehicle of base emotions and so on.

As described in the eighth book of Aeneid, there was a ni of hideuos used by the Etruscans in which: However, as the Etruscans had it, this was merely the surfacing of an already occurring and perpetual decay, located within the body.